A Regal Birthday - Our second year in pictures

May 21, 2016

It's our 2nd birthday. The 23rd May is the official date we first launched regalgentleman.com. And first of all, before we start we just want to give you all a big thank you. We thank you so much for your support, whether you've been there for the full 2 years or you've only recently joined us. It means a lot to have you as a part of the Regal Gentleman family. Without you we couldn't do this!




We love building the RG family! Seeing you go out of your way to share your experience, whether by a picture, an email to us, a review, a message on social, it makes it all worth it! We just want you to have the best experience possible!

It makes us smile when get a great picture from you! And believe me, without sounding like stalkers, we both keep all of the photos on our phones to remind us of the experience we're giving!

A huge thank you to everyone that has got involved with Regal Gentleman in these past 2 years, and anyone who does in the future! No matter how big or small, we appreciate everything you do with our brand. We just hope that we can show you that gratitude!

Liam Jennings, Co-founder.


In our first year as a business we mistakenly got caught in the trap of just trying to make money, thankfully we learned from our mistake before it was too late. When we sat down and decided on what our mission and values were going to be, it was a massive breakthrough for us. It goes beyond just grooming products, it's about creating something that makes a positive change, something people can look at and be inspired by. 

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. We are extremely grateful and look forward to growing the Regal family even more this year. Heck, maybe next year we will throw a birthday bash and bring everyone along for the celebrations! First round is on, Liam!!

Josh Blackburn, Co-founder.


So, now we've got the emotional part out the way, here's our 2nd year as it happened in pictures. We hope you enjoy looking back as much as we do. P.S. If you have only recently joined us you may want to take a look at Our First Year In Pictures here.



The Regal Gentleman subscription service was featured in GQ's list of best subscription services. We were very proud of this, as when this was featured we'd only just recently launched our time saver option, allowing you to subscribe to your favourite grooming products at a time that suits you.


Regal Gentleman GQ Best Subscription Service



We had trialed a few variations of this, but we finally stuck with our Gent of the Month over on Instagram. So far we have had 3 winners this year as we started the voting in February, huge mentions to our winners Tommy Esworthy, Mario Ciarmoreli and Antonio Donnie. And also, special mentions to regular entrants Benji Cervini, Archie Singh, The_Thor_Bear, Monsieur.Monsieur, Cameron Sansom, Gabriele Maoirani, Craig Blakesley, James Elmore, Koenig_ubu & Benji Vedersoe! Thanks gents!

Fancy yourself as a Gent of the Month? Just head over to Instagram and #RegalGentleman in your photo.




Perhaps the biggest thing that happened to us in our 2nd year. We decided to make our mission more real and create a set of values that gave a true purpose for Regal Gentleman. Honestly, before this we weren't focussed on the right things. Now we are. And we're so proud of this, as it allows us to give you the best experience possible, without expecting anything in return.

You can read about our mission and values here.


Values Regal Gentleman



We're sure you've noticed, but video has become a big part of the way we consume everything (especially on social media). So this year we have started to create videos, featuring some of you. Big shout outs to Craig Heron & James Elmore for helping us out with these. Expect much more video from us going forward!




You just keep surprising us with the images you send us. It means so much to us to see what you've made of your purchase, so please do keep sending them. These images really do make us smile! Have to give a special mention here to Stevie D, for the inventiveness of the images haha!

What else are you saying about us? See more here.




We had the pleasure of being featured by Lex Fitness in a special feature long 25 minute beard care routine video. In the video, Lex showed you how he takes care of his beard and hair with products from the Regal Gentleman range and how he trims his manly mane. If you have time to spare and have a beard, then do give it a watch!




We delivered Easter eggs to Great Ormond Street, with the help of our friends Josh & Josh (Liam was the odd one out, 3 Josh's), and the donations of a lot of VERY kind people. We were so surprised by the response and had over 300 eggs and toys, to make the kid's smile at Easter. We'll be doing this again next year, and we HAVE to top 300, so we may be reaching out to you guys next year to get involved!




Our loyalty scheme wasn't the best it could have been! So after some discussions with you guys, we decided that we needed to improve this. That's why last month we decided to make it more simple for you to earn more points, so that you can be rewarded earlier!

You can start earning points. Just log in or create an account here.




The last year saw us launch new brands and products at Regal Gentleman. We brought in ranges from The Gentle-Man Range and Beardbrand, as well as adding to Captain Fawcett, Brighton Beard Co and Jack Black.


That's all for another year, gents. Once again we just want to thank you all for being involved with Regal Gentleman. Here's to the next year! Cheers gents




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