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by Liam and Josh October 12, 2014

The 2nd installment of our ‘Meet the Brand’ series is with hair styling brand Hairbond. When we started researching into the male grooming market for Regal Gentleman, Hairbond was the hair brand of choice for a lot of men. It’s amazing how fast this brand has grown in such a short space of time!

We were very lucky to get some free time with the founder and creator of Hairbond to answer some of our questions. 

Hairbond – Answered by Scott Michaels (Founder) 

Tell us a bit about the brand?

We are the fastest growing hairstyling brand in the world.  We have distributors in 29 countries globally and our products are used by a whole host of celebrities.  Our current Hairbond ambassadors are cricketer Jimmy Anderson and footballer Simon Mignolet.

What was the inspiration for setting up the brand?

I started making salon quality hair products in my barbershop and launched the brand in 2010.  Since I started working as a trainee hairdresser at 15 years old my passion was hair products so creating a cool hairstyling brand like Hairbond was a dream of mine.

What is your vision for the brand? 

To carry on with what we are doing and enjoy the ride.  We have two more Hairbond products coming at the end of the year: Moulder Powder and Spiker Glue.  We have also released Hairbond sub brand Jack The Lad and our innovative skincare line Oxcited will be coming in early 2015.

What would you say your brands USP is? 

British made products that are an affordable luxury as well as a lifestyle essential.

What advice would you give someone when picking out a hair product? 

Choose a hair styling product that works on your hair type and check sites like Youtube to what sort of finish is best suited for you.

What tips do you have if any on how to use your products?  

Add tiny amounts of product rather than clump it on.  You only need a small amount of product as Hairbond products are highly concentrated.

Smell is becoming an integral part of a product especially in this day and age, how much thought do you put into the smells and scents of your products?  

I have over 300 tester bottles of fragrance in my office that I have purchased since I started development work in 2008. Once I produced a short list I gave them to my hairdressing staff to conduct a smell survey.  We have had hundreds people voting of which fragrance is their favourite and people enjoy participating.  

In your opinion what order would you put the below when choosing a hair product; 

Smell, Type of product (e.g. Clay, Shaper), Size of the product, The Brand.

1) Type of Product 

2) The Brand

3) Smell

4) Size of the Product 


We would like to thank Scott for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope you all now have a better insight into the man behind Hairbond and hopefully have picked up some tips along the way.  

If you have any more questions that you want answered simply tweet us at @RegalGentleman & @Hairbond.


Best Wishes

Josh Blackburn (Co-founder)


Liam and Josh
Liam and Josh


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