Meet the Brand - Taylor of Old Bond Street

October 19, 2014

If you are looking for a classic British brand with elegant products, then you won’t go far wrong by using the Taylor of Old Bond Street range. From the sandalwood shaving cream all the way through to the badger brush, you will be sure to feel like a gentleman when using their products. 

For the 3rd instalment in our ‘Meet the Brand’ series we caught up with the director of Taylor of Old Bond Street to answer some of our questions.

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Answered by Barry Klein (Director) 

Tell us a bit about the brand?

Taylor of Old Bond Street remains a family run business established in 1854. The “Taylor” brand epitomizes classic British style with understated elegance, reliability and quality; using original designs and natural materials, where appropriate. 

What was the inspiration for setting up the brand?

The company dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria and during this time men were starting to take more care of their appearances. 

What is your vision for the brand? 

To remain a high-end brand while providing price points that are accessible for everyone. We aim to continue and exceed in offering the best customer service possible. 

What would you say your brands USP is?

Our quality, our price and our service.

What is your shaving routine?  

Step1: Apply a hot flannel to the face. 

Step 2: Apply Pre-Shave Oil 

Step 3: I use a Badger Brush to apply shaving cream

Step 4: Shave with a Mach3 Razor

Step 5: Rinse face with a hot and then cold flannel

Step 6: We have just bought out a new Sandalwood Moisturiser so I have been using that as an aftershave. 

What’s the best way to prevent razor burn?  

Firstly apply a pre-shave then I would recommend pulling the skin very taut and only go over the area once or twice rather than several times which can start to inflame or cause redness on the skin.

In your opinion; do you prefer a close shave with a blade knife (Like in a men’s barbers) or with just a simple razor? 

Personally, I prefer a razor with a nicely balanced handles for example our Victorian Mach3. Although, straight edge razors and double edge razors are now a lot more popular than in recent years. 

What’s your opinion on a tailored shaving regime to suit your own personal skin type and the importance of it?  

Different people will have different skin types and when they find a cream that is very suitable for their skin type and combining this with either aftershave cream, balm or lotion, the individual will notice an improved shave rather than shaving as a chore. 

For people still on the fence to adopting a shaving routine, would you say it can have a positive effect by just implementing a simple pre & after shave to it?  

A pre-shave will definitely reduce razor burn and an aftershave/moisturiser will certainly tone the skin so you are ready for the day ahead. 


We would like to thank Barry and the team down at Taylor of Old Bond Street for taking the time to answer our questions and supplying us with such fantastic products. 

If you have anything else you would like to know about Taylor or want any tips on your shaving routine then simply tweet us @RegalGentleman & @tayloroldbondst.


Best Wishes,

Josh Blackburn (Co-Founder)


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