Meet The Brand - Captain Fawcett

September 14, 2014

The bearded gent is seen as more of a lifestyle choice rather than a fashion trend these days. But let’s not forget behind every great beard are great products to keep it in shape, conditioned and feeling fresh. It gives me huge pleasure to bring you the 4th instalment of our “Meet the Brand” series.

For this edition we have only gone and got in the Captain! Yes that’s right, we are pleased to have the man behind the beard, Captain Fawcett, answering our questions. 

Captain Fawcett – Answered by The Captain (Founder) 

Tell us a bit about the brand?

The brand is inspired by derring do, my very own explorations and tales told in dimly lit pubs of wonders seen.

What was the inspiration for setting up the brand?

The great adventurers of yesteryear.

In 3 words describe your products?

Simply the Best…

What is your vision for the brand? 

Developing a complete range of First Class Gentleman’s Grooming Requisites.

What would you say your brands USP is?

Beautifully presented, quality with a hint of panache. 

What is your beard routine?  

Brush gently with a real bristle brush before adding a few drops of the Captain’s ‘Private Stock’ exquisite Beard Oil.

How much of a positive impact can it make by implementing a beard oil into your routine?

Using the Captain’s Beard Oil will make a huge difference in both your beards appearance and condition.

How often would you advise shampooing your beard? 

No more than twice a week as you don’t wish to strip your beard from its natural oils.

What can people do if they want to grow a thicker beard? 

Eat a well-balanced diet. Your hair is an accurate statement of both your lifestyle choices and current health.

What’s the best way to tame a busy beard? 

Careful nurture and gentle persuasion avoiding direct heat (hair dryer, tongs) at all costs.

What is your favourite celebrity beard?  

Why…the Captain’s beard…of course.


The Captain Fawcett range is available today. 

We would like to thank The Captain and everyone involved down at Captain Fawcett HQ for taking the time to answer our questions and supplying us with products perfect for the bearded gentleman. 

If you have anything else you would like to know about Captain Fawcett or want any tips on your beard routine then simply tweet us @RegalGentleman & @CaptainFawcett

Best Wishes,

Josh Blackburn (Co-founder)



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