Meet The Brand - Jack Black

October 12, 2014

We bring to you the 5th instalment of our popular ‘Meet the Brand’ series where we get up close and personal with the brands that are stocked here at Regal Gentleman. This week’s edition is Jack Black, and NO we don’t mean Jack Black the actor from School of Rock and Kung Fu Panda, we mean Jack Black the simple but effective skincare brand that has been supplying us gentleman brilliant products for over 10 years. We were lucky enough to get the time of the UK Managing Director Jerry Adler to answer our questions today.  

Jack Black – Answered by Jerry Adler (UK Managing Director


Tell us a bit about the brand? 

Cult US brand Jack Black is a range of premium, high-performance, easy-to-use grooming products, that deliver visible results. Jack Black creates superior, advanced skin care for men including shaving creams, moisturisers, grooming sets, cleansers, anti-aging, hair care, body care and sun care products specially formulated for a man's needs. Nothing complicated, nothing cosmetic, just real solutions that provide immediate visible results. 

In 3 words describe your products? 

Simple, premium and effective 

What would you say your brands USP is? 

Nothing complicated. Nothing cosmetic. Just superior skin care 


What is your skin routine?  

Follow the core elements of a skin routine to keep skin at its best. A core regime includes: Cleanse; Exfoliate; Shave; Moisturise and Protect. 

How many times a week would you recommend exfoliating?   

For your face, regular cleansing and exfoliating helps prevent in-grown hairs by opening congested pores. The Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub with Vitamin C & Menthol is a deep-cleaning pre-shave cleanser and scrub containing small scrubbing particles that remove dirt and dead skin cells for a less-irritating shave. Your razor is able to get closer-so less chance of razor drag or burn. Use two to four times per week depending on skin type before shaving. The Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser with Aloe & Sage Leaf is a dual-purpose 2-in-1 liquid cleanser and toner which removes deep-down dirt and oil, for clear, smooth, shave-ready skin.  It works gently, without over-drying, to leave your complexion clean, hydrated and fresh. Use in the morning before shaving, and at night to cleanse skin. 

Moisturising both day and night; would you agree?   

Absolutely and most importantly during the day apply a moisturiser that contains an SPF for protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturiser contains potent antioxidants and vitamins, and has a built-in SPF20 to help shield the skin from premature ageing and damage from sun exposure. It can be used twice daily; in the morning after shaving and for your daily SPF of course, then again in the evening to hydrate and moisturise dry skin.  

What advice would you give for people with the skin types below?  

Acne Prone Skin

Everyone wants good skin and it is important to address your skin’s issues with the right products for you. Maintaining a regular skin regime and cleansing skin thoroughly will all help. A fantastic product in the range for acne prone skin is the Clear Complexion Razor Bump & Acne Treatment from Jack Black.  This unique and versatile facial treatment which clears and clarifies all skin types and is the ultimate answer for smooth, bump-free, healthy-looking skin, but most importantly for acne skin concerns it effectively treats acne blemishes and blackheads. The product dissolves acne causing oily build-up, to keep pores clean and to prevent future breakouts and blackheads.  

Dry Skin

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturiser is an advanced facial treatment. It has a sheer, lightweight emollient formula that visibly improves the appearance of skin and provides lasting hydration without oiliness. Blue Algae Extract and Sea Parsley help to combat redness while Seamollient, an algae extract, leaves skin smooth and hydrated. It also contains UVB and UVA protection. 

Oily Skin

The Jack Black All Day Oil-Control Lotion with kaolin, cotton and vitamin E from Jack Black is the perfect product for oily skin as it provides skin with a lasting, shine-free, healthy complexion while improving the skin’s overall appearance. The quick penetrating, oil-free lotion contains state of the art technology to provide lasting oil control by reducing sebum production and absorbing excess facial oils.  Natural oil absorbing ingredients, such as cotton and Kaolin (China Clay) provide lasting shine control without over-drying the skin. 

Shop the full Jack Black range today. We would like to thank Jerry and the entire team involved at Jack Black for taking the time to answer our questions and supplying us with excellent skin products that represent a true gent.  

Have some more questions that were not answered? You can tweet us @regalgentleman and also get in contact with Jack Black through their Facebook page here.   

Best Wishes,

Josh Blackburn (Co-founder)


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