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September 14, 2014

The 6th instalment in our ‘Meet the Brand’ series is with professional hair styling brand Lock Stock and Barrel. After forming in 2006 the brand are continuously growing and are now used by stylists in 16 countries across 6 continents. We had the opportunity to steal some free time from Director Ben Snowdon, who has answered our questions and kindly given you some excellent product advice.

Lock Stock & Barrel – Answered by Ben Snowdon (Director) 

Tell us a bit about the brand?  

Lock Stock & Barrel was established in 2006 offering a line of professional hair styling and cleansing products formulated specifically for men.  Today, Lock Stock & Barrel products are sold and used by stylists every day in 16 countries across 6 continents around the world.  From the outset, we wanted to offer men a range of high performance grooming tools, whilst injecting a distinctly British personality in men’s grooming regimen.  We are one of very few independent British brands to formulate and manufacture all our products ourselves in-house, and at our own factory, and we take great pride in knowing our attention to detail in the products we make to detail is unparalleled.  

What was the inspiration for setting up the brand?  

In a time when new buzzwords like ‘metrosexual’ and ‘men’s grooming became hot topics of the day, we felt there as distinct lack of a British made and inspired alternative to imported American and European professional hair care lines designed specifically for men.  We wanted to offer men a strong alternative to those imported lines that would focus on the specific styling needs of men.  Men are different to their female counterpart, and we felt ‘unisex’ was a hollow word.  Men have a specific set of challenges, the way men cut and style their hair alone creates some of those particular challenges.  Simply offering products that offer no additional benefits over their female counterparts was pointless.  We wanted to offer men products with additional thickening benefits for instance, and this theme is present throughout our product range.  The cut is of course an important part of a man’s style, but we believe preparing the hair for styling is equally as important.  That’s why we do not create ‘daily’ products, moreover products that target a specific problem or create a desired finish.  

In 3 words describe your products?  

Made with Pride.

What would you say your brands USP is?   

We’re independent and we have the confidence in our expertise. Being one of very few, if any, Independent British brands to manufacture all our products in-house, we believe we have a passion in our products that could never be rivalled.

What advice would you give someone when picking out a hair product?   

The two most common attributes men look for when selecting the right styling product is hold level, and shine level.  Trends of course change over time and matte styles are generally favoured at the moment.  We try to be as succinct as possible, we try to steer clear of pseudo-science because men want facts, and they want them quickly.  We learned early on that the way in which a brand communicates to men should also be different.    

We also believe that creating style doesn’t just start and end with the styling product.  Choosing the right shampoo or conditioner is almost as important as the cut, because healthy strong behaves itself, and that makes styling much easier.  

What tips do you have if any on how to use your products?    

Good foundations make for good styling, so we would always recommend using a cleanser that will help to tackle their hair needs.  At the same time, styling should be fun, we encourage guys to experiment with different product combinations.  Who said you can’t use a clay with a gel?  The possibilities are endless.

In your opinion, Wet or Natural look? 

Trends change all of the time, but matte and natural finishes do seem to have reigned supreme now for some years.  I think a guy can pull of different looks for different situations, and whilst matte finishes do seem to be most popular, a slicked back, high shine, combed style (think Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street) takes some beating.  

Lastly in your opinion, what is your favourite celebrity hairstyle?  

Groomed looks certainly seem to be a trend for 2014 – 2015.  The bed head look is now firmly entrenched, but I think men might just start to be a little braver with their style.  Let’s face it, the bed head look can be a comfort blanket for us all, it’s easy, informal and need not take too much time to achieve, but equally, could never quite create the drama achieved by those more groomed looks.  Perhaps, who knows, even the parting might even begin to make a comeback.  Styles reminiscent of the styles worn by the Hollywood greats of the 40’s and 50’s are potentially a really interesting trend that all hair grooming brands are sure to be keeping a close eye on over the coming year.  

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We would like to thank Ben and the team down at Lock Stock & Barrel for taking the time to answer our questions in great detail. We are really looking forward to the new branding coming very soon from this fantastic company.  

If you have anything else you would like to know about Lock Stock or want any tips on your hair styling routine then simply tweet us @regalgentleman or get over to the Lock Stock Facebook page here. 

Best wishes, 

Josh Blackburn (Co-Founder)


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