Meet the Brand - Joe Grooming

October 31, 2014

It doesn’t matter whether you have sensitive, thin or oily hair, our newly launched brand Joe Grooming has the products to help you with any hair concerns that you may have. To celebrate the launch of Joe Grooming it seemed wise to feature them in our ‘Meet the Brand’ series, so you can gain an insight into why the brand was created and to get some tips on how to look after that barnet!

Answered by Dan Kliska (Founder)   

Tell us a bit about the brand?   

Take a team of people responsible for extraordinary success in the male grooming sphere, mix them with another team with a vast understanding of organics and the effect of ingredients in products in the beauty industry and you have the potential to create a product beyond that currently available. Cutting edge in terms of technology but at the sharp end of grooming for today’s savvy male.   

What was the inspiration for setting up the brand?  

There are multiple excellent male grooming products in the market place today, FACT. What Joe set out to do was to look deeper into the effect of some of the ingredients in those products and eliminate and replace those which were non-beneficial or indeed detrimental to the hair, follicle and scalp, eliminating the potential for allergic reactions to chemically enhanced fragrances as an example. Joe has been made as clean as it is possible to make an effective grooming product.  

What is your favourite product from your range?   

Personally it would be the Grooming Cream. My hair is now starting to grey a little and so becomes stronger because of the increased protein. Grooming Cream works amazingly in two ways, one as a leave in conditioner blasted dried into the hair before using my finishing product, or if I’m just chilling put through and air-dried giving me control without weight.  

For men that are new to grooming, how can you find out what kind of hair type you have?  

Ask your stylist. You may have a great head of hair but it may be fine, conversely you may have thick hair but less effective hair growth. It’s your stylist’s job to point you in the right direction. If you have worries, especially surrounding hair loss or male pattern baldness DO NOT be afraid to seek help. It is out there.   

Do you personally have any hair concerns and if so how do you deal with it?  

I’m lucky that I have good hair. Let’s be honest if our hair looks good we feel good. I would never go to a salon who just sat me down and said ‘same as last time’. I’ve tried lots of styles and through being able to use the right products am able to manage my style effectively. My one recommendation would always be to go a stylist who will work with you to achieve a style that is A. Manageable for you & B. That you feel good wearing. 

What tips do you have for the following hair types?  

Dry - Always use Conditioner with your shampoo. It helps close the cuticle layer locking in moisture making your hair smoother and more pliable.  

Oily - Two things. First, stop using High Street shampoos including anti-dandruff versions which exacerbate the problem. Use a gentle cleansing product which in a short space of time will balance the scalp.  Secondly watch your dairy intake.  

Sensitive - Use Joe Grooming Sensitive Shampoo. We have eliminated known scalp aggressors which cause scalp irritation.  

Thin - Use a shampoo which will thicken and enhance what you have like Joe Thickening Shampoo and if hair loss is a major concern for you, do not be embarrassed to ask advice. It doesn’t have to be a genetic consideration.   

What/Who is your favourite celebrity hairstyle?   

If I had the face to go with it, Clooney. It’s a timeless style.  

We would like to give Dan and the team down at Joe Grooming a big thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Now you know the benefits of a good hair regime, why not have a look through the excellent Joe Grooming range today. 

What are your favourite hairstyles of 2014 so far? Tweet us @RegalGentleman & @JoeGrooming. If I had to give my opinion it would have to be Mr Beckham; he is always good for a classic style.  

Best Wishes 

Josh Blackburn (Co-founder)


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