3 Years Of Regal Gentleman - Our 3rd Year Highlights

May 26, 2017

It's our birthday - we are 3 years old today!!!! We honestly can't believe that it's been 3 years already but it's been a great journey so far. We just want to thank every single one of you who is reading this for being a part of the Regal family. Whether you are just joining us or have been here for the entire 3 years - it truly does mean the world. Thank you all so much for making these 3 years so enjoyable and here's to the next 3 years!!

We've done this for our last 2 birthdays and wanted to do it again - to give you a little catch up as to what has happened in our 3rd year of Regal Gentleman!!


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Launched Our YouTube channel

We'd been talking for a while about launching our YouTube channel, and finally took the dive this year. It was something we always wanted to do, but being honest took a while to figure out our style and what we could bring! We're only about 6 or 7 proper videos in and a few months old, but we're really enjoying doing this and this will probably be our main push over the next year. Have some fun stuff coming over the next few weeks too ;)


Regal Gentleman YouTube

Featured on GQ.com

This year Regal Gentleman was featured on GQ.com in their best places to buy grooming products online. This was a huge honour for us. We're just 2 lads from Dagenham in Essex, who started selling grooming products, and then we were getting featured across the pond in GQ America. Strange, but amazing feeling to see the growth!!

Regal Gentleman GQ


Tom Hardy Taboo Hair

As we said, we launched our YouTube channel this year and our most popular so far has been our tutorial of how to get the Tom Hardy Taboo Haircut. It's had over 20k views since we launched it (20k of you want to see me get a haircut - crazy haha), and a lot of engagement from you gents, so thank you so much!!!!



Our Instagram has gone above and beyond our expectations this year. A lot of you are over there, and this has helped our Instagram to grow to over 19k followers this year. Instagram will be another push of ours over the next year and we're going to be doing a lot more Stories to give you more behind the scenes looks at what we're up to. If you're not following us, give us a follow!!


Instagram - Regal Gentleman

Cody Garbrandt Hairstyle

A video that we were really pleased with this year was our Cody Garbrandt hairstyle video - we like the way this one came out! Josh was in the hotseat for this one - and his intro had us in stitches haha.



Featured on Rob Lipsett & James Welsh's channels

Another highlight for us has been our features on a couple of YouTube channels that we're both personally big fans of. One of our products The London Grooming Clay was featured on both Rob Lipsett's and James Welsh's channels.




That time I sprayed fragrance in my eye

Another highlight (or lowlight) was spraying fragrance in my eye in one our first ever videos. It really does hurt - don't do it!!!



New products!!

One thing that we had a bit of a lack of activity in was bringing in new products - but we really have changed that. We've now launched some of our favourite grooming products from Gruhme, Suavecito Pomade, Layrite, London Grooming Company and new products from existing brand Captain Fawcett. This past year we've really got a feel for the types of products we want to bring on board at Regal Gentleman and also the type of products we believe you'll love!


Layrite | Layrite Men's Hair Products | Layrite Pomade For Men


100 Beards

Something that went down really well with you gents was our 100 Beards post. This was our blog post where we found what we believed were the 100 best beards we'd seen on Instagram. We gave you the chance to grab the last 10 spaces by tagging us in your photos. Check out who made the list.



Volunteering with City Harvest

This was a personal one but on behalf of Regal Gentleman - me and Josh went down to help out City Harvest for a day. City Harvest are a charity that collect left over food, drink and essentials that would otherwise be thrown out and deliver them to food banks and homeless shelters across London. It really was a huge pleasure to help out Mark at City Harvest for the day and hear all about his personal story!! We really did meet some amazing people this day!!


Regal Gentleman City Harvest



It doesn't matter if it's 1 year, 2 years or 3 years it's always the same - you gents are what make the year for us, you truly are! You may think oh yeah they just want our money, they're just saying that. At Regal we focus a lot on our customer service and the family we are building. We want you gents to feel comfortable and great every single time you have any interaction with us! We really do appreciate every single time that you interact with us, comment on a video, like a picture, read an email, read a blog post, watch a video, buy our products, take a picture with our box, leave us a review, send us a personal email and everything else you do. We see every single one of these things and it means the world - so THANK YOU!!





Written by Liam Jennings :)





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