Meet the Brand - The Gentle-Man Range

August 01, 2015

There is always room for more gentlemen in the world, so by stocking Dr Paul Byrne’s very own creation, The Gentle-Man Range, we are certainly doing our bit. We have great pleasure in giving you a more in-depth look into the brands we stock at Regal Gentleman, and I think you will enjoy this one. We sat down with Paul in this ‘Meet the Brand’ post to find out what inspired him to create The Gentle-Man Range and to also give us some tips on how to get the best out of his products. 

Answered by Dr Paul Byrne (Founder) 

Tell us a bit about The Gentle-Man Range?

The Gentle-Man Range is a collection of grooming products for the modern gentleman. The range currently consists of body washes, face wash, daily moisturiser, shave cream, post shave balm, beard oil and eau de toilette. The range contains a great array of ingredients selected for their individual efficacy and are sold in very distinctive boxes that make them stand out from the rest of the male grooming offering. The core value of The Gentle-Man Range is respect, for oneself and those around you. 

What was the inspiration for creating The Gentle-Man Range?  

I thought even with new brands appearing in the market for male toiletries, they all looked much the same. They all had very little in terms of design element for the packaging so I wanted to create something that would look very different to everything else. The existing brands were also predictable in their marketing, always appealing to the sporty/macho image that supposedly represented the male species. I wanted to focus more on the gentle side of being a man, thus The Gentle-Man Range that uses effective ingredients that are gentle on the skin. 

In three words, how would you describe each of your products? 

The Gentle-Man Range Beard Oil - Nourishing, moisturising, fresh  

The Gentle-Man Range Sandalwood Body Wash - Sensuous, classic, warm 

The Gentle-Man Range Peppermint Body Wash - Invigorating, refreshing, tingly 

The Gentle-Man Range Black Pepper Body Wash - Spicy, intriguing, masculine 

You recently added the beard oil to your collection, what was the reason behind creating a beard oil for the modern gentleman? And what makes your beard oil different?  

I created the beard oil because it was the most requested product that was not in my range. In particular, it was Harvey Nichols who fed back to me that they were repeatedly being asked for a beard oil. It is the fragrance that makes my beard oil different as I have used the same signature fragrance found in my eau de toilette. When I looked at what was available in the market, too often the fragrances were of the same type, generally woody/herbal reminiscent of the traditional woodsman. I wanted my beard oil to appeal to the modern gentleman who has decided to sport some facial fur. 

For both, The Gentle-Man Range Body Washes & Beard Oils, what would be your estimated usage date? How long would you expect these products to last for a gentleman? 

From production all of the products in the range have a shelf-life of 3 years. From purchase, I would expect a bottle of the beard oil to last 6 months being applied daily while a bottle of  the body wash would last 1 month with daily showering.  

Ingredients are key when creating a grooming product, what are the benefits of the different washes from the body wash range?  

a) Sandalwood  
b) Black Pepper  
c) Peppermint  

The three body washes are all formulated with the same low irritation score foaming agents so in terms of cleansing action they all perform the same. They are also high foaming so can be used to great effect in the bath. The difference lies in the fragrance. I think of them as the cool one, the warm one and the hot one. The peppermint is the cool one, great for the morning shower to awaken the senses and make the morning getaway. The sandalwood is the warm sensuous one, a classic fragrance to be used for those up close and personal moments while the black pepper is the hot spicy one, best one to be worn when heading out for a night of fun and intrigue. 

What is your definition of a ‘Gentleman’? 

A gentleman is someone who has respect for himself and his actions and in equal measure for all those around him in everything he does.

And finally, what is your number one grooming tip? 

Apart from always use The The Gentle-Man Range, I say never underestimate the benefit of maintaining a clean and sharp razor.  

We would like to thank Paul for taking the time to answer our questions and we hope you have got as much out of this as we did. Maybe you have a question that we didn’t ask? Reach out to us on Twitter @RegalGentleman & @GentleManRange.

Best Wishes, 
Josh & Liam


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