Mythbusters - 5 grooming myths and why they aren't true

December 13, 2015

Grooming Myths


Male grooming is one of the fastest-growing industries with a plethora of new products appearing each year. With so many products to choose from, the barrage of information can be a lot to comprehend. Unless you are a grooming guru, there is a good chance you’ve fallen for some of the popular old wives’ tales regarding skin care and cosmetics.

Gentlemen, it’s time we put some commonly-held beliefs about male grooming to bed once and for all. We bust some of the most common myths so you never make the same mistakes again. 


Myth #1 - “I just need more sleep to get rid of eye bags”

It is often claimed that dark circles under the eyes are caused by a lack of sleep. While not catching enough Zs can be a contributing factor, the truth lies in your genetic code.  

The skin under eyes is naturally much thinner than rest of the face making it is easier to see the underlying blood vessels that give a dark blue tinge. Puffiness can also be caused by an excessive amount of naturally occurring fluid retention. Although you can’t change your genes, there are some things that can help to stave off the panda eyes.  

RG recommends: Sothys De-Stressing Eye Roll-on can soothe the skin surrounding your eyes. Home remedies such as placing soothing slices of cucumber or teabags on eyes can also provide temporary solutions due to the antioxidants in each. 


Myth #2 - “Men's and women's products are the same!” 

High levels of testosterone means male skin is up to 25% thicker than female skin. Men therefore need heavy-hitting products in order for the skin to fully absorb their ingredients. Using a good exfoliator will help cleansers and moisturizers penetrate through to the deeper layers of skin. 

Men also produce more sebum, a secretion that lubricates the skin, meaning they are more prone to oily skin, breakouts and clogged pores. Because of this, men need skin-care products that focus on fighting oil production and unclogging pores.  

RG recommends: Jack Black Oil Control Lotion to keep skin blemish-free try as it absorbs excess oil without overdrying the skin. 


Myth #3 - “I need to use a lot of product” 

Rarely the case, the supposed need to use a lot of a product can prove to be a very expensive myth. Health and beauty experts at created an infographic that shows how much product you should use. For instance you only need one pine nut sized amount for each eye when applying eye cream. 

When it comes to shaving cream, less is also more. Using an excessive amount of shaving cream will leave you with dry skin and an empty bottle sooner than you'd expected.  

RG recommends: The Taylor of Old Bond Street range. We recommend using a moisturising shaving cream such as these because they contain essential oils that soften the beard and moisturise the skin for a more comfortable shave. 


Myth #4 - “Breakouts are caused by your diet” 

Most breakouts have very little do with diet at all which is great news if you are a raging chocoholic. Stress and changes in hormone levels are the main cause of spots, hence why many teenagers suffer from acne during puberty.  

Skin glands that are sensitive to testosterone produce excessive amounts of oil. This clogs up in hair follicles, trapping bacteria and causing blackheads, pimples and bumps under the skin’s surface. 

However, dietary choices can help to prevent breakouts. Oily fish including Mackerel and Sardines, nuts and seeds and even dark chocolate can help to keep skin hydrated.  

RG recommends: Sothys Anti-Age Hydratant as it is a great feeling moisturizer that minimizes dryness and skin peeling. 


Myth #5 - “SPF protection is only for hot days” 

Listening to this myth could put you at risk of developing skin cancer. Clouds filter as little as 20% of UV rays so even on a cloudy day you’re still getting up to 80% of the sun’s harsh effects. Exposure to UV causes premature aging and is a prime cause of melanoma. 

It is important to use skin protection on a daily basis. Choose a product that has an SPF of at least 20 and protects against UVA and UVB.  

RG recommends: Jack Black Double-Duty Facial Moisturiser. This moisturiser has SPF protection and also uses Vitamin E to help keep skin supple while reducing inflammation and redness. 




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