How Do I Help To Relieve My Dry Skin?

February 01, 2016


After finding out that a lot of you suffer from dry skin in the winter, we thought it'd be great to answer the question of how can you help to relieve your dry skin? So here are 4 tips for helping to keep your dry skin smooth this winter..


1. Gently exfoliate

Some exfoliators can be too harsh for your dry skin, and can cause the skin to get worse by stripping it of essential moisture. However, use of a gentler exoliator can help to remove dry dead skin cells and prepare the skin for moisturising. So look for gentle face scrubs and exfoliators, that are described for use on dry skin or all skin types.


2. No hot showers

We know sometimes there's nothing better to warm you up after coming in from the cold, or when waking up in the morning like a long hot shower. But, hot showers can dry out the skin, so as tempting as it may be, keep those showers short and at a warm temperature.


3. Moisturise on damp skin

When applying that moisturiser don't apply it dry. Applying moisturiser on damp (not wet) skin helps to trap and lock moisture into the skin. We'd suggest applying moisturiser after gently patting the face after showering.


4. Use a heavier moisturiser

If dry skin is not something that you normally suffer from all year round, then you should consider swapping out your usual face moisturiser for a thicker, heavier moisturiser. The thin moisturiser you normally use, may not be giving you enough moisture for the winter months, so in the same way you would with your clothing consider an extra layer in your moisturiser. Look more for creams than lotions to help your dry skin, as lotions are normally thinner.





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