How To Get A Straighter Beard

February 24, 2016

Who wants a straighter beard? Craig Everitt does. He asked what is the best way to get a straighter beard and remove kinks, so here's our answer Craig :-)



We thought it would be best to share a video to begin with, and then summarise some key points for you with some suggestions of our own, Craig. So here's a great video from Beardbrand on straightening your beard to get us started.



So to sum it up, here's the steps you should take for a straighter beard -


1. Apply beard oil to a damp beard

We suggest applying a beard oil when getting straight out of the shower for best results. Dispense a few drops of the beard oil onto the palm of your hand and then gently smooth into your beard, covering all over and making sure that you reach through to the skin for maximum benefit.


2. Use a styling product or balm to give extra hold

Apply a styling product or beard balm to the face fuzz to give control when drying and keep in place. We'd suggest our best selling beard product The Brighton Beard Company Beard Balm.


3. Grab your hairdryer and comb/comb attachment

The hair dryer is better for longer lengths beards. Use the comb attachment for your hairdryer or alternatively a beard comb to dry your beard and comb into place. We suggest to use the hairdryer at a low speed with a medium temperature (too hot and it may dry your beard out, so beware and keep this medium to low). Use an up and out motion to blow dry your manly mane, and ensure you comb the hairs out individually to give the appearance of a straighter beard.


4. Use the "concentrator" nozzle to blow down on the beard

If not already on the hairdryer use the concentrator nozzle (that's it's name, it's this thing), to blow down on the beard and give a straighter look.


5. Finally, comb into shape..

Use your beard comb to comb into place. P.S. Another little bit of balm or styling product won't hurt at this stage if you feel you'd like a little more hold.


And voila you have a straighter, more managed manly mane.


We note it's not for everyone and some people may just like to risk it and let the beard grow into a natural shape, but for those who do we hope this helps.


6. The optional extra - Beard straighteners

Personally we're not all for the use of straighteners on the beard, and we know that this won't be for everyone. But if you would like a straighter look you can always use hair straighteners to give you more straightness. Please note though that if not done correctly this could damage your beard, and dry it out, so we'd only suggest this for the more advanced straighteners out there, and not doing this regularly. Plus, use a heat protector spray to give you more protection from over drying. 


We hope that helps, Craig and everyone else :-) If you have any more questions for us, then just shout us on Twitter or Facebook and then we'll answer them.

All the best,

Josh & Liam.





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