Five ways you’re styling your hair incorrectly

August 16, 2016

Guest Article Contributed To By Ted's Grooming Room


We all know that feeling of walking out of a barbers with a fresh hair cut, feeling like a God. And that's normally because your barber knows how to style your hair in the right way. But, unless you're lucky enough to have a personal stylist (which most of us don't), when we get home it's left to us to style! Styling your hair incorrectly can ruin a great hair cut, and here's the most common ways you may be styling your hair wrong when applying product..


Five ways you're styling your hair incorrectly


1. Not washing your hair

Waxing or gelling unwashed hair is a huge no-no! Your hair needs to be even throughout, to avoid clumping when attempting to style. Unwashed hair can cause there to be more product on certain areas of your head than on others. And I'm sure we all know the feeling of waking up with part of our hair in style and part going in a completely different direction.


2. Not warming the product

Not warming the product enough in your palms before styling, stops the product from melding with your hair, resulting in those horrible lumps of visible product (no one likes those, right?).


3. Applying product to wet hair

While dampening the hair throughout can make styling slightly easier for those with extremely thick hair, applying product, particularly wax, to wet hair is a recipe for disaster. You won’t be able to identify what areas of hair have an even amount of product, and if you’re using wax, your hair will clump into unwanted clusters. 


4. Not applying correctly

Work the product through your hair backwards, at an angle that goes with the direction your parting grows in. This will allow you to ensure even coverage, without losing shape. 


5. Not washing product out thoroughly

When washing your hair, make sure you get all of the product out! Rinse once with water, apply shampoo, then rinse again to keep your hair in tip-top shape and ready for another styling session. 



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