How To Use Beard Balm - Applying Beard Balm

February 01, 2017

Beard balm is similar to beard oil in that it softens & nourishes the beard, but it also has a light hold to help styling. Beard balm will also help to prevent split ends in the beard - think of beard balm as the conditioner of beard products!



The Beard Balm used in this video is The Brighton Beard Company Beard Balm.


How to use Beard Balm -


1. Scrape a small pea sized amount of beard balm out with your fingernail.


2. Rub & warm into the palm of your hand - spreading evenly across the hand.


3. Massage beard balm all the way through the beard, ensuring you get product from root to tip.


4. Go over the beard again and smooth into place to get the desired style.


Regal Gentleman Beard Products


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