How To Use Beard Oil - Applying Beard Oil

March 01, 2017

Beard oil is a must for gents who are going through the stage of dry, itchiness with their beard & the skin underneath - and also a nice added extra for those gents who just want to keep their beard soft, maintained & well groomed. But how do you use it?



The beard oil used in this video is the Brighton Beard Co Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood Beard Oil.


Top tip before you start - the best to time to apply beard oil is straight after a shower as this is when your hairs and skin is cleanest and most likely to absorb the oil! However make sure that you dry your beard for applying!


1. If beard oil has a pipette, squeeze a generous amount (2-3 drops) into the palm of your hand, if not then pour carefully, being very careful not to pour out too much.

Top tip - use a small amount at first to avoid the beard looking too oily and then use more if your beard still feels like it needs it.


2. Rub beard oil across hands evenly.


3. Massage the oil all the way through the beard and moustache, ensuring that you also reach the skin underneath to avoid dry, itchy skin.

Top tip - a comb is not necessary, but if you do have a beard comb then use this after as this will help to evenly distribute oil and comb the beard into shape.


4. Follow steps 1-3 with some more oil if you have a larger beard and feel that it hasn't reached all the way through.


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