The Gentleman’s Gym Bag

Posted: Jan 15 2015

The modern gentleman frequents the gym for three main reasons: to improve their health, their mood and their look.

But whilst 20 chin-ups at the gym on a regular basis may improve your mood, it won’t do your skin or hair any favours.

So if you’re going to keep your gentlemanly style intact, you need to take some time after your workout to make sure that your hair and skin are properly nourished.

For those moustachioed and bearded chaps in particular, the showcase of sweat is a sure sign of a good workout, but can often lead to a buildup of excess dirt and grime in your facial forest. This can cause any number of distinctly un-gentlemanly rashes to breakout on your face.

We here at Regal Gentleman recognise that the modern gentleman should both look good and feel good, and are determined to help you do so. Here we guide you through the products which simply must be a part of your post-workout routine if you are going to keep your tresses looking terrific, your beards brilliant and your skin feeling stupendous.

So read on to find out what you need to be putting in your gym bag.

For the non-bearded

For the bearded

For the hair and body

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