Regal Gentleman Subscription

At Regal Gentleman we pride ourselves on making your grooming experience as easy as possible. After asking you, our customers, what you thought would improve Regal Gentleman, we decided that we needed to introduce our very own subscription service.

So what is the benefit of the subscription service?

Your favourite products delivered to you, at a time schedule that suits you. Use your favourite moisturiser up after 30 days? Not too worry, you can have your order delivered to you every 30 days, so as you're running out, it reaches you. You'll never have to run out again!

What if I decide I no longer want a grooming product on subscription or I want to receive my item at a different frequency?

You can modify or cancel your order at any time. So, if you decide that the time frame you chose at the beginning is too short or too long, you can amend this as you go. You can also cancel your subscription at any time, if you decide it isn't for you.

Where can I view, amend or modify my subscription?

You can view or make changes to your subscription via your account.

Can I add items to my subscription?

Yes you can. You can add items at any time via your account.