How Much Manscaping Is Too Much?

Manscaping is defined as the removal or trimming of the hair on a man's body for cosmetic purposes. It is a taboo subject to talk about, which divides both men and women. Some would have you believe that a hairy body is wrong, and others that a well groomed body is wrong. But how much manscaping is really too much?

The answer? There is no answer! It's all a personal preference and a matter of opinion. If you like to keep your body hairy then go for it, don't listen to anybody who tells you that you shouldn't (except your partner, maybe listen to them haha).

Or on the reverse if you want to manscape your entire body then that is up to you too. I bet some of the people who get on to you about your manscaping actually do it themselves, but just don't admit it!



Manscaping is actually great for gym goers. It's known to be used for sports such as cycling and swimming for aerodynamics, but a little known fact is that a smooth body actually brings out muscle tone more than a hairy body. So if you want to make those muscles look more toned it may be advisable to get your trimmer out and start sculpting away those body hairs!

The video below from Lex Fitness is a great example of how you can use a trimmer and a lady leg groomer (yes a lady leg groomer) to manscape effectively without damaging your skin.



If you are going to manscape then make sure you do it right!

1. Exfoliate your body before you go through manscaping, just as you should before shaving your face. It lifts the hairs and prepares them for the razor, while also helping to protect from ingrown hairs.

2. Use a beard or hair trimmer to shorten the body hairs, and if you are going clean shaven, prepare them for shaving.

3. (if you're just going for a trim ignore this step) Use a leg groomer or a razor to take off the shortened hair and go clean.

4. Apply some body moisturiser after to stop the skin from drying out!


Et voilà. So the answer is, no amount of manscaping is too much, just do what feels right to you. But next time you're working away in the gym just remember that manscaping can actually bring out those muscles!