How To Get A Free Haircut In London

Want a free haircut in London? As you may or may not know we film haircut tutorial videos with Dan Gregory, voted one of London's best barbers by GQ, for the Regal Gentleman YouTube channel.

We're looking for guys who'd be interested in being a model for us and getting a haircut on camera, completely free of charge.

Read all of the details below.

Free Haircut In London - Haircut Models Needed

Free Haircut London

This is a great opportunity for you to get a haircut and/or beard trim with one of the best barbers in London.

You will get -

  • A free haircut with Dan Gregory (normally £80), voted one of the best barbers in London by GQ. And don't worry, we won't just shave your hair off unless you want to!
  • A thorough consultation beforehand with Dan, including advice about your hair with a haircut tailored to you and your needs!
  • A chance to ask one of the best barbers in London any burning question you have about your hair
  • Featured on the Regal Gentleman YouTube channel to over 50,000 subscribers, so you know you'll be getting a great cut

This opportunity is available all year round as we look to film 2-3 videos per week throughout 2020 for our YouTube channel, so if we can't get you in now, there's a chance we could later in the year.

Watch one of our most recent videos below -

Get involved:

If you're interested in a free haircut and starring in one of our videos, then fill out the form below. 

*Please note there are no guarantees and we will not be able to guarantee everybody who reaches out this opportunity at this time, but we will try to arrange as many as we possibly can. Please also make sure you read our requirements below to avoid disappointment. 


Requirements for the free haircut:

1. You must be able to travel to London easily

Our videos are filmed at Hunter Collective, a 5 minute walk from Farringdon station, so you must easily be able to commute to Farringdon. 

2. It can't just be a quick trim up unfortunately (4-5 weeks growth minimum needed)

We will need some element of "transformation" and growth to work with. So if you had your hair cut last week then we won't be able to work with it! We will need a good 4-5 weeks growth at least by the time of the video, but the longer the better!

3. You must be happy to be filmed on camera

This is a pretty big requirement, in fact it's the only catch.

But don't worry won't be anything taxing for you. The videos will be all about the haircut and the barber advice, so we won't need you to polish up on your acting skills just yet! We also keep this very casual, just like a normal haircut and with a handheld camera and just one person filming, so you'll forget we're there after a while. Take a look at our videos beforehand to give you an idea.

4. You will ideally be happy to try new hairstyles or variations on your style

Don't worry when we say new hairstyles we wouldn't just shave your head bald or dye your hair bright green (unless you wanted to, of course). The hairstyles will be worked with you with a thorough consultation beforehand, but obviously it makes a more interesting video if you are willing to give a little more creative freedom to the barber from what you want than just a quick short back and sides trim up.

5. Ideally available on Thursday or Friday evenings between around 6pm to 8.30pm.

These are the times we normally film so it's good to keep in mind. There's a chance we could also arrange something for Saturday afternoons too, but these are typically our filming days and slots. It will take no longer than an 60-90 mins, and will just be like going for a normal haircut plus a little bit more time for the barber talking to the camera.

If you're interested then fill out our form above.