How To Get The Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Haircut

Deadpool may have been released over a year ago now, but the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool haircut has probably never been more relevant.

With more and more men switching longer locks for shorter, more manageable styles like buzz cuts and crops, the Deadpool haircut is a great in between alternative! Oh, and when we talk about the Wade Wilson haircut we don't mean the avocado made love to an older more disgusting avocado haircut, we mean at the start of the film!

Here's how to get the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool haircut.

How To Get The Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Haircut

What is the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool haircut?

The Wade Wilson haircut is a high & tight short back and sides. It's kind of a semi cross between a buzz cut and a crop.

Ryan Reynolds also has plenty of texture added to the top to give it a messy, natural look.

How to ask your barber for the Deadpool haircut?

As we always say, it's so much easier for you and your barber if you just show a picture, so do that! 

But if you do want to know what the haircut is, it's around a number 0.5-1 on the back and sides, taken very high and tight. Then on top around an inch of hair with texture added through it. You could also pair the top with a fade on the back & sides if you want to add something different to it.

Styling the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool haircut

The benefit of this style is that it won't take long to style at all. You could quite easily get away with just waking up with bed hair and going out of the door on days when you're in a rush!

But on days when you do want to style your hair, to achieve the Ryan Reynolds Deadpool look you want to make sure that you use a product that adds texture and gives a natural finish. Use a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay or a matte paste sparingly to finish.

How To Get The Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Haircut