How To Get The Tom Holland Haircut From Avengers Infinity War

We've recently brought you the Captain America and Thor haircuts from Infinity War and now it's the turn of Spiderman himself, Peter Parker.

With so many short and long haircuts out there at the minute, it's sometimes hard to find inspiration for the guys with medium length hairstyles, but Tom Holland is a man who certainly knows how to rock one.

Here's how to get the recent Tom Holland haircut from Infinity War.

How To Get The Tom Holland Haircut From Avengers Infinity War

What is the Tom Holland Avengers haircut called?

The Tom Holland haircut is pretty similar to the Captain America Infinity war haircut, but it's a little shorter through the back and sides and is also worn a lot more natural. The Tom Holland haircut is around 5-6 inches on top and a bit shorter through the back and sides, probably around 4 inches.

It has been scissor cut all over and is a classic medium length hairstyle.

Tom Holland has quite wavy hair so you'll see that the top is often wavy and floppy as oppose to being swept back. The straighter your hair the more you won't get this effect but you can still work around your hair type with the same length.

You can also see with Tom Holland's hair how it is allowed to sit naturally and grows in two separate directions. The middle of the hair is worn up and to the side, whereas the other side of the hair does it's own thing and goes in the other direction, almost like a semi curtain style.

How To Get The Tom Holland Haircut From Avengers Infinity War

How To Ask Your Barber For The Tom Holland Haircut

The most important thing with this haircut will be to grow your hair out first. A lot of people will want this hairstyle without the length, so grow your hair out to slightly longer than this hairstyle and then get your barber to cut the top to 5-6 inches and the back and sides to around 4 inches. 

As always though, we'd suggest showing your barber a picture of the haircut. Even if you want to grow your hair out, it's still advisable to visit your barber after around 8-12 weeks and get them to add shape and texture to the hair. This will avoid those awkward in between phases, where you think about cutting it all off.

How To Get The Tom Holland Haircut From Avengers Infinity War

Styling The Tom Holland Infinity War Haircut 

This hairstyle, as with most medium to longer length hairstyles, will be all about the blow drying. So master your blow drying techniques to make sure you get the most volume that you can. Use a pre styling salt spray, like the Regal Gentleman Salt Spray (coming soon - get exclusive access now) or mousse on damp hair and blow dry through, then finish with either a tiny bit of matte paste or finish with hairspray, or both.

It also wouldn't surprise me if Tom Holland's hair has been straightened for the movie. If you look at pictures of him with slightly shorter hair, it's very clear that he has curly, wavy hair, but in this movie it looks a lot straighter. Now this could be that it's just longer as some guys hair once it gets past a certain point will start to become straighter, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if this has been straightened for Infinity War.

How To Get The Tom Holland Haircut From Avengers Infinity War

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