How To Get The Tommy Egan Haircut From Power

With the brief absence of Ghost in the criminal underworld, Tommy Egan has had to step up to the plate as the main man on their side in Power. And while we remain unconvinced about how good he is at running a criminal organisation on his own without trouble, one thing he can do is rock a haircut that suits him.

While the Tommy Egan haircut may look fairly unique and emphasises the ruthless and roughneck personality of Joseph Sikora's character perfectly, it is a relatively classic haircut that has been around for a while.

So what is the Tommy Egan haircut and how can you get it?


What Is The Tommy Egan Power Haircut Called?

The Tommy Egan haircut from Power is a variation on the classic military high and tight haircut with a zero on the back and sides.


How To Ask Your Barber To Get The Tommy Egan Haircut?

To get the Tommy Egan haircut, we'd recommend that you show your barber one of the clear pictures in this post.

However, if you want to know for your own reference then you want the sides to be taken down to a zero or skin and have them taken "high and tight". This is just a classic military way of saying the zero is going high up the head, like in the picture below.


You want the front of the top of the hair to be left longer and have the hair taken shorter towards the crown to get the Tommy Egan look. The top is styled in a crew cut / combover style swept to the side.

It's a very harsh and aggressive haircut and won't be for everyone, especially if you're not a part of the criminal underworld. So to switch it up you could go for a lower fade on the back and sides and/or leave the back and sides longer to make it less aggressive and harsh (like Tommy does at times - as seen below).


What Product To Use To Style The Tommy Egan Haircut?

The Tommy Egan haircut is left with a fairly natural finish on top and is swept over to the side. If you have the front left longer and the back of the top towards the crown cut shorter, like Tommy, then this should be really easy to restyle.

To finish we'd recommend using a paste that gives a firm hold with a low shine finish like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste (coming soon).