How To Grow A Beard Faster - Tips & Tricks For Growing A Beard

A big question that we always get asked is how do I grow my beard faster - "it takes longer than my friends", "it takes longer than people who I see on Instagram", but are there really ways to grow your beard faster?

The simple answer is no there's not! Growing your beard faster is not a matter of buying one product or taking one pill, and voila you have a beautiful bushy beard.


How To Grow A Beard Faster | Grow My Beard Quicker | Tips & Tricks For Growing A Beard


1. Patience

The ultimate SECRET FORMULA to "grow your beard faster", is to stop thinking about growing your beard faster. Just accept that how long it takes for your grow to beard is how long it takes you! Even if your friend can grow a glorious beard in one month, it really doesn't matter. You are you, not your friend. We are all different and have different genes and hair types.

On average it normally takes 3-6 months to see anything of note, but this is not a standard average that you should be worried about if yours doesn't. If you really want to grow a beard, you really will have to be patient!!


2. Get a healthy diet

Possibly the only other real way to grow your beard faster is to evaluate your diet. The body uses protein for hair growth, and therefore a diet rich in protein can help to aid growth, plus a balanced diet with lots of healthy food & plenty of water.

But once again, just switching from your 2 days a week pizza to a protein rich salad isn't going to magically spring up a beard overnight. You need to be PATIENT!!


3. Keep your beard well groomed

Keeping your beard well groomed with beard oil (to stop itchiness), a beard balm (for split ends) and a beard shampoo (for keeping it clean) will help the time to pass a bit easier. It's much harder to grow a beard when your face is itchy, feels dirty or looks untidy, so get yourself a good beard routine to prevent these issues!

Then maybe go for a little trim up with your barber if you feel it's getting messy with stray hairs, or your beard is longer in certain areas. But know that all of these are common problems that even the biggest and best beards had to go through at some point!


4. Get regular haircuts

Ok, so once again this won't make your beard grow faster, but getting the hair on your head regular trimmed may help the time growing your beard to not seem so long. Sometimes when growing a beard you will feel messy, and getting a haircut can help you along with this. We all know that fresh feeling of coming out of the barbers, so give it a go if you're starting to think of getting rid of the beard and haven't had a haircut in a while.