How To Grow Out Long Hair Past The Awkward Stage For Men

by Liam Jennings June 28, 2018

In this week's video, Joseff was looking to grow his hair out past the awkward stage and into a style similar to Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy.

He had hit a stumbling block though and was at the stage where most of us consider getting rid of it.

Instead of getting rid of it though we suggested that he had a haircut in between.

This video is a must watch for those of you that are thinking of growing your hair out and are either about to give up or don't know where to start. 

Here's how to grow out long hair for men.


Key points for growing hair out past the awkward stage for men: 

1. There's nothing wrong with going to the barber just because you're growing your hair out. But remember you're not going for the haircut you want, you're going for a haircut that gets your hair in shape and allows you to want to keep growing it.

 2. When you go to visit your barber, take a picture of your desired end result with you. This way your barber can help give you advice for getting it there.

3. You always want your hair to look intentional. Most of us end up with a long version of our previous haircut, you want a long haircut. And sometimes it's just as simple as tidying up around the ears and neck to make it look tidy.

4. Hair doesn't grow in a style. All style is man made and what is deemed as stylish isn't necessarily what the hair wants to do. That's why most of us will struggle when we just simply grow our hair out.

5. Remember what is annoying you on a day to day basis and communicate that with your barber. That way you can work together to try to combat it.

6. And finally, you never know but you might like how your hair grows out along the way. Maybe you get half way, and that's the perfect length and style for you. Stop there and get your barber to tidy it up!

Liam Jennings
Liam Jennings


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