How To Get The John Stones Haircut

John Stones has started to cement himself as a key player for both club and country, being a part of a dominant Man City side and an England team that reached the World Cup semi final.

Alongside the likes of David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos he is also starting to put himself in the bracket of a footballing hair icon. And while he doesn't switch up his locks as much as the aforementioned gents, the John Stones trademark style is a versatile haircut that many guys are looking to replicate.

So what is the John Stones haircut and how can you get the style?

How To Get The John Stones Haircut

What is the John Stones haircut called?

The John Stones haircut is a versatile messy textured top with a taper through the back and sides. He often wears this worn down with a fringe or slightly pushed back and to the side.

What to ask your barber for to get the John Stones haircut?

To get the John Stones haircut you want to ask your barber to add texture through the top of the hair. John Stones has a wavy, natural texture to his hair, and if you have straighter hair then you'll probably need more texture added to replicate this. Let your barber know your preference on wearing this down, pushed back or a combination of both as this will help them to personalise the haircut for you.

For the back and sides ask your barber for a low taper fade, around a #0.5, with the rest either scissor cut or faded up from there.

Styling the John Stones hairstyle

To style the John Stones haircut use a salt spray as a pre-styler in damp hair, this will help to add texture to the hair.

You then want to finish with a product that adds texture and gives a matte, natural look. Finish with a tiny bit of matte clay like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay or a matte paste to finish.