Every Ryan Gosling Haircut & How To Get Them

Ryan Gosling is a style icon and for good reason! The man can always be seen in great clothes and with haircuts that suit him.

Ryan Gosling does a good job at wearing hairstyles regularly that work with his hair type and face shape, and very rarely deviates from it.

Here's some of Ryan Gosling's best haircuts and how to get them.

Ryan Gosling Haircuts


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1. Ryan Gosling First Man Haircut 2018

2. Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love Haircut

3. Ryan Gosling Blade Runner 2049 Haircut

4. Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad Haircut

5. Ryan Gosling Drive Haircut

6. Ryan Gosling La La Land Haircut

7. Ryan Gosling Blonde Hair - A Place Beyond The Pines

8. Ryan Gosling Long Hair - The Notebook


Ryan Gosling First Man Haircut


The Ryan Gosling First Man is the ultimate wake up and go haircut. It's cut into the classic Ryan Gosling shape of an Ivy League haircut but is a lot shorter on top than his traditional cuts, it's more of what we're calling in 2019 "the buzz crew". Somewhere in between a buzz cut and a crew cut, making the top look like a grown out buzz, giving a simple unstyled look.

The most important part of the First Man haircut is the texture. This haircut has been heavily textured, so get your barber to chop into it, and add different lengths throughout. The sides have been taken down to around a number 2, but how short you go will vary on your preference.

To style this haircut use a tiny bit of a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay. You want the hair to have a natural matte finish, and a reworkable hold that isn't too stiff.

Ryan Gosling Crazy Stupid Love Haircut


Crazy Stupid Love sees Gosling play the ultimate womaniser, and in it he wears a pretty similar cut to his haircut in Drive. The main difference being, this is styled and worn with a more slick traditional side parting look to suit his sharp, often suited, look in this movie. Length is left through the fringe and taken shorter towards the crown area.

The haircut is worn pushed over to the side and is parted at Gosling's natural parting. It looks to have been scissor cut all over, but the sides can be taken down to any length you feel comfortable with, just communicate with your barber to find the length for you. To get the Gosling Crazy Stupid Love haircut, you want to add shine to the top, and this haircut is best styled with a medium to high shine pomade like the Regal Gentleman Pomade (coming soon).

Ryan Gosling Blade Runner 2049 Hairstyle


Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, style icons past and present. What's not to like about Blade Runner 2049?

The Gosling haircut from Blade Runner is all about texture. Get your barber to add heavy texture throughout for the messier look. You'll want the haircut to be scissor cut all over, but could add a taper at the bottom for a cleaner more finished look. The haircut is around 2 inches on top.

To style use a matte finish paste or clay like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay. Gosling's hair is often wet in the movie so gives the appearance of a slicked look, but this hairstyle will be best worn with a natural finish.

Ryan Gosling Gangster Squad Haircut


As with all of Gosling's haircut this one is again very similar. The real difference in a lot of his cuts is the slight variation in length and texture. And the Gangster Squad style is the Crazy Stupid Love haircut plus length.

This is the most slicked version of Gosling's haircuts, without any real texture added through. For this you want between 4-5 inches on top, left longer in the fringe and getting shorter towards the crown. The hair is worn in a slicked side parting with the sides tapered shorter towards the ears. This has likely been scissor cut all over.

To get Gosling Gangster Squad haircut, you want more to add shine to the top and is best styled with a medium to high shine pomade like the Regal Gentleman Pomade (coming soon). The top of the hair is worn slightly pushed back and to the side.

Ryan Gosling Drive Haircut


The bomber jacket in Drive single handedly transformed Ryan Gosling into a style icon, and brought back a resurgence of men wearing bombers. But his hairstyle only adds to the look. This is a usual Gosling staple, and one he wears regularly when not in movies.

The Drive haircut is a variation on the classic Ivy League haircut, with the hair worn slightly parted. The top has texture added through and is worn with a natural look. For a more modern look this could be paired with a fade on the back and sides. Style with a low shine paste like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste (coming soon).

Ryan Gosling La La Land Haircut


The 70s inspired La La Land haircut is one which fits his character down to a tee, with his style and fashion inspired by that era.

The Ryan Gosling haircut in La La Land is a classic slick back. As with all of the Gosling haircuts, he uses his natural parting as a point of reference to the hair going in another direction. The parting is not as defined as it often is on his haircuts, but he doesn't try to work against it.

The top is around 4-5 inches, with the sides being scissor cut and slightly tidied up around the ears, but are left very natural - no dramatic shape ups here. To style use a medium to high shine pomade like the Regal Gentleman Pomade (coming soon).

Ryan Gosling Blonde Hair - A Place Beyond The Pines


The most dramatic look from Ryan Gosling has to be this blonde messy look from A Place Beyond The Pines. This haircut is worn pushed slightly back and to the side, and textured is added through the top to give a messier look that's easier to style, with the sides not far off the length on top.

This looks to have little to no styling product in at all, and the best way to style for this natural look would be with a sea salt spray when damp blow dried through to add texture and volume to the hair without a heavy hold. To finish use a tiny bit of a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay.

Ryan Gosling Long Hair - The Notebook


Besides the movie being the classic post break-up film, The Notebook may be remembered by some for the rare occurence of a Gosling long hairstyle. With most of his hairstyles in the last 10 years being kept to variations on his more familiar short textured Ivy League look.

The Gosling Notebook haircut is very simple cut, and is essentially just grown out long hair. It's the classic "been away living on your own in isolation" look from Hollywood movies, of the grown out hair and beard. The most important part of this haircut is patience to grow your hair out and get the length. Once you have that, you can visit your barber and get it shaped up into a slightly more groomed version of Gosling's haircut.

How To Get Ryan Gosling's Haircut

Wear haircuts that suit your hair and face shape. The one thing Ryan Gosling does better than anything is wears haircuts that work with his natural hair type and face shape. He uses his natural parting and the texture of his hair regularly to work with his haircuts. and never goes for anything unnatural to that. So take a lesson out of Gosling's book and work with your hair to find your style!

Use natural look hair products. If you're looking to replicate Gosling's style for the most part then you want to use natural, matte looking hair products like matte clays and pastes. He very rarely styles his hair outside of movies with anything too slicked or heavy.

Keep hair styled but not styled. Although he is often well groomed and styled, Gosling has a natural look of someone who doesn't spend too much time on his appearance. All of his styles are worn to look quite effortless without too much maintenance needed. Making his hairstyles very simple to achieve and style for the every day gentleman.

Use texture to make life easier. Almost of all of Ryan Gosling's hairstyles have the hair heavily textured, giving a messier appearance that's easier to style. This also requires less maintenance as the hair is initally "messy", so won't notice as much as it grows out versus sharper more defined haircuts which will require a lot more maintenance as they grow.