10 Short Beard Styles For Men With Beards Of All Shapes And Sizes

We know sometimes that it can seem like you're the only one who can't grow a long bushy beard and that every beard is "perfect".

But beards come in all shapes, sizes and thicknesses. It's time to embrace what we do have and work styles that suit that.

Whether your beard grows in full in the middle but nothing on the sides, or your beard is patchy, or you're one of the lucky ones that can grow a full beard all over, hopefully you'll find a short beard style in this post that will work for you!

Here's 10 short beard styles for 2018.

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018

Stubble Beard

For those that don't have the patience for a full beard but want some facial hair, stubble is a great look. Grow out the beard for around a week or two (depending on how fast yours grows). Then trim this down regularly with a beard trimmer to an even length that you're happy with.

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018 

Sharp Shape Up Beard

If you want that ultra sharp look then get your barber to shape up the cheeks with a razor, trim the moustache and take the hair off the neck to give a sharp square look to your beard, or if you're feeling confident then do it at home yourself.

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018 

Short Full Beard

The short full beard is great for gents that can grow a relatively even beard all over. This is easy to trim down yourself at home, just go the same length all over. Make sure to take care of your beard with a balm or oil.

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018

Short Goatee Beard

If you want to avoid the baby face look, but your beard doesn't grow in through the cheeks, then the short goatee could be for you. Leave length through the moustache and chin area, and shave the rest of the beard clean. 

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018

Beard With Fade

If you want something ultra sharp then the beard with a fade could be the one for you. If you're going for a buzz or a skin fade then the beard fade will compliment the hairstyle nicely. It just depends how much maintenance you want and how quick your beard grows. If you're looking to trim this at home then you're probably not going to be able to replicate this as well as your barber would.

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018

Beard With Taper

The beard with a taper beard is great for gents that are wearing a short fade or taper in their hairstyles. It's just a little blend through the side of the beard that blends the beard into the hair, giving a clean sharp look.

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018 

Patchy beard

Just because your beard is patchy in areas it doesn't mean that you have to shave it all off. Work with your patchiness to go with something that suits your face shape and the facial hair you have. 

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018

Full Goatee Beard

To get the full goatee beard, wear the beard longer through the chin and moustache areas, and take the sides a lot shorter or even go clean shaven. This is great for gents with a square face shape

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018

Salt And Pepper Beard

Throw out the beard dye and let that silver come through. This can be worn with any of the beard styles on the list, but looks great with a full beard for a sophisticated look.

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018

Wild But Styled Beard

The wild but styled beard still looks smart enough to wear in the office, but isn't as groomed as most on the list. It could be that you leave the neck hair to grow, you could grow the cheeks out, or grow out the length. It's groomed but not overly, and great for those who don't want too much regular maintenance. Just make sure to work with your face shape, you don't want anything that starts to take over the shape of your face, and, doesn't flatter it.

Short Beard Styles For Men 2018