Short Textured Messy Tailored Haircut + Growing Out A Side Part VIDEO

For this week's video in our haircut series, we were back with Dan at Hunter Collective who gave James a tailored haircut based on his hair and face shape. James was growing out from a side parting and had a double crown (double whorl), so Dan also explains how you can get the best haircut for these too.

The haircut was done freehand with around 1cm of hair on the back and sides and the edges tapered out. The top was around 2-3 inches and heavily texturised.

All you need to get this haircut is down below, including pictures to show your barber and the products needed to style.

Watch The Video

Pictures Of The Haircut To Show Your Barber

Styling This Haircut

To style this haircut use a salt spray in damp hair and blow dry though, the salt spray used was the Regal Gentleman Sea Salt Spray (coming soon - get exclusive access now).

To finish use a tiny bit of matte clay like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay, as used in the video, for a natural, matte finish and added hold.