Top Tips For Men With Curly Hair

Curly hair can feel like a nightmare to deal with. It's often tough to tame and can become frizzy out of seemingly nowhere. But, when cared for and styled correctly, a curly hairstyle can be one of the most eye catching there is for a gentleman.

We'll give you our top tips for taking care of curly hair and making it work for you!

Top Tips For Men With Curly Hair

Tips For Men With Curly Hair

1) Embrace your curls

First of all, the most important thing you can do is embrace your curls. If your hair is naturally curly then unfortunately it's no good looking at ultra straight hairstyles for inspiration, these aren't going to work with your hair type. Yes it's possible to straighten curly hair, but it's just going to make your life more difficult. You're going to spend ages trying to style your hair in the morning, and may potentially damage your hair by applying a lot of heat to it with tools like hair straighteners. So look to styles that do more to embrace your curls! You know what they say curls get the girls and boys.

2) Use a blow dryer.. correctly

When using a blow dryer, make sure not to go too high with the temperature. You want to use the blow dryer on a medium heat and then blast at the end with cold to lock the curls in place. Using too much heat on curly hair can cause the hair to dry, frizz and also ruin the volume and definition of your curls. So avoid applying too much heat, and try to protect your curls when you do apply heat.

It's also a good idea to use a diffuser, and an even better idea to use one specifically designed for curls, with your blow dryer, as this will help to avoid frizz, limit the damage from the heat and dry your hair quicker without disrupting your curls.

3) Upgrade your shampoo

If you want your curly hair to be healthy and not dry then it's no good using the cheap shampoo you picked up from the drug store, that is filled with harsh chemicals, every day. You ideally want an ultra moisturising shampoo, something that adds some of the moisture back into the hair, and doesn't strip it off it's natural oils. Curly hair can become drier than most hair types, and therefore you need to keep it properly moisturised to avoid frizz and damage.

There's a lot of talk about whether shampooing every day is bad, and no real evidence either way, so we won't recommend how often you should wash it as that's going to be personal to you. But make sure you're using the correct products first, and then make an educated decision on how often you would like to wash your hair. Look for overdrying and dandruff to determine if you may be washing too much and greasiness and dirt build up to determine if not enough.

4) Conditioner will be your best friend

And that leads us to conditioner. As men we often use one or the other, shampoo or conditioner, or even an all in one. Now that's not to say that those are wrong for everyone, but when you have curly hair a conditioner is going to be your best friend, so don't skimp on that part. You should bring a conditioner into your routine, and at the very least make sure when you use a shampoo that you condition after. This will help retain some of the moisture and stop the hair from becoming dry and frizzy.

You could also use a leave in conditioner a few times a week, which will help you to do the same job without needing to wash your hair as much.