What's Next For Regal Gentleman?

It's time to say goodbye..

Not for good though.

After much deliberation over the last few months, we decided that we're going to close the retail side of Regal Gentleman.

As you may or may not know, we're going to be launching our own products later this year, and we want to put all of our focus into this, so that we can bring you the very best products possible!

We've been doing this now for over 3 years, and see Regal Gentleman branded products as the next exciting chapter in our journey.

As well as spending time on creating our new product line, we also want to put a lot more focus into creating the best content for you.

So what does that mean for now?

That means that other branded products will no longer be available from Regal Gentleman, and will not be restocked again in the near future. (sorry!)

We'll still be around though.. and bigger than ever.

We'll be focussing on creating our new product line, while also bringing you even more content on our blog, YouTube and social media channels (@regalgentleman).

And we'll also be keeping you updated on the process of creating our products through our vlog (RGVLOG on YouTube) and social media (especially Instagram stories.)

That's all, other than to thank you all for being a huge part of our journey so far and most importantly for being a part of the Regal Family.

We're now looking forward to launching later this year and coming back bigger and stronger with the Regal Gentleman range of products.

Thank you.

Josh & Liam


What products will you be creating?

Our first two products will be a high shine & high hold pomade and a matte finish & high hold clay.

After speaking with the Regal Family and through our own personal experiences with products, we found that it's very rare to find products that do those jobs effectively.

We plan to expand this range though behind just these 2 products in the near future.

When will your products be launching?

The pomade & clay will hopefully be ready to launch to you some time between June & July.

We've been working on these products now for almost a year and we're currently very close to finishing them, they will then have to go through rigorous safety testing before launch.

Where can I see more about your products?

You can see more about our products in our vlog series, RGVLOG (like our latest update below).

We'll be putting out more of these this year, and give you a behind the scenes look at the process of creating them.


You can also follow us on Instagram to see short behind the scenes clips on our Stories.

How can I get involved?

The best way to get involved right now is to follow us on social media or subscribe to our emails.

We'll be making some big announcements over the next month or so, and would love to have you involved in this!

It's also very important to us that we have the Regal Family involved in the creation process.

We're getting you involved in trying & testing our products before launch, helping us to choose packaging, getting your opinion on our designs and more. If you'd like to be involved then send an email to josh@regalgentleman.com with Subject: Product Tester.

I wanted to buy my usual beard oil, you don't sell this anymore?

No, we made the difficult decision that we will no longer be selling other branded products and these will no longer be available at regalgentleman.com.

We've enjoyed this over the last 3 years, but we needed a new challenge that would continue to excite us and allow us to bring even more value to the Regal Family.

If you don't know where to get your products from now on, send us an email to customercare@regalgentleman.com and we'll be more than happy to point you in the direction of some trusted retailers.

Where can I find you?

YouTube - Regal Gentleman

Instagram - @regalgentleman

Twitter - @regalgentleman

Facebook - Regal Gentleman

Have a question for us?

Send us an email to customercare@regalgentleman.com and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions!