Below is the application form for filming with Regal Gentleman.
  • Each month we have a limited number of slots available for free and a larger amount with a 50% off discount in order to accommodate more people. Around 15-20 slots per month total are available. By applying you are automatically considered for both.
  • All haircuts will be with Dan Gregory at the Regal Gentleman Studio, Unit 57, Containerville, 1 Emma St, London E2 9FP, and will be filmed for the Regal Gentleman YouTube and social media channels. 
  • If successful, you'll be sent a link to book a haircut with Dan Gregory for free or at a discounted rate of 50% off the normal price. We will only contact you if successful on this occasion. 
  • By applying, you will be sent an email to re-apply for our filming round every month. As we only have a very limited number of slots per month and a large number of applicants, we encourage you to apply again next time. Past video participants will also be reconsidered.