What Is a Regal Gentleman
regal gentleman

/ˈriːɡ(ə)l  dʒɛnt(ə)lmən/


1. a male that strives to become a better version of themselves and treats people the way they want to be treated.

"he was a true Regal Gentleman"


The Regal Gentleman Values

To go along with this definition, we came up with a set of 7 values which we believe sum up a Regal Gentleman and are values we live by as people and as a business.

1. Do what feels right

Do What Feels Right

You're going to make mistakes, and you'll do things that affect other people negatively at times. As long as what you were doing at the time was what felt right to you, then that is what matters. If it feels right, then do that! Otherwise we'll spend too much time overthinking decisions and never get anywhere.

2. Long term, not short term

Long Term Not Short Term

We try not to make decisions based on short term gain and look towards the impact it will make in the long term. This helps us to not only build a solid long term business, but also helps us grow as people. 

3. Family first

Family First 

Family first has always been key to Regal Gentleman. We call our community the Regal Family and that is because you guys are what make this business what it is. We want you to be a big part of this journey too!

4. Strive to be better

Strive To Be Better 

We believe that you should never stop striving to be better in all ways. That could be to be a better person, better at your job or a better parent. You should always be trying to find ways to improve.

5. Treat people the way you want to be treated

Treat people the way you want to be treated

The number one quote a gentleman and a Regal Gentleman should live by. Always treat people the way that you would want to be treated yourself. Treat the cleaner the same as the CEO. We're all on our own personal journeys!

6. Help without expectation

Help Without Expectation

Helping should not come with the expectation of something in return. If you help someone it should be because you want to, or because that person needs it, not because you're thinking of what you'll get back. We don't give to receive.

7. Embrace being the underdog

Embrace Being The Underdog

We're both underdogs in a huge industry dominated by large corporations and we embrace that. We believe that you should never fear whatever you are striving towards, no matter how unachievable it may seem to others.