Grey beard - To dye or not to dye?

Grey beards are no longer just reserved for wizards, they can now be worn by the most stylish of gentlemen. But some gents have asked us should they dye it or not dye? Our opinion no, keep your beard natural and be confident in your greyness. But, we will also give some advice below on beard dying for those gents who really feel the need to do so.


In 2016 the grey beard is that of elegance and sophistication. We've created our own Grey Beard Pinterest Board with some of our favourite grey beards, including Samuel L Jackson. So if you're considering dying, because you think it's not cool, just take a look at some of the gents rocking the grey beard and see if it changes your mind ;-)




And here's a video from Eric Bandholz at Beardbrand on How to Handle Your Beard Going Grey.


Dying the beard


Dye products contain chemicals, and obviously chemicals can damage the skin, so we would suggest avoiding these on your manly mane. Our scalp is pretty tough, but the face on our skin is much more sensitive, so normal hair dye is not a good idea for your face. However, if you are certain on dying your beard we'd suggest trying something more natural, such as a henna dye. You want to make sure you avoid chemicals, and alcohol that could cause bad reactions to the skin, so check the ingredients very carefully and look for reviews from other bearded gents.


We hope this helps you gents considering dying your beard, because it's turned grey. As we mentioned our opinion is to stay natural, and be called a silver fox ;-)