The Gentleman Diaries: Q&A with Oliver Proudlock

Oliver Proudlock Q&A - Regal Gentleman


Once again we caught up with Oliver Proudlock, the founder of Serge DeNimes and his own blog Proudlock Style. This time for the first installment of The Gentleman Diaries, to take a more in depth look into the man behind the brand, his fashion inspirations and what is next for him and Serge. 


1. What was your inspiration for creating Serge DeNimes?

I have always been into two things since a very young age, fashion and art. Having studied art for 4 years in Newcastle, when I returned to London I wanted to continue being creative, but move into my other creative love, fashion. I always wanted to one day have my own clouting brand, and for me the transition from art to fashion felt very organic and natural. The name Serge DeNimes, comes from the origin of denim and this is reflective of me growing up and always being surrounded by denim. My mum had her own denim company called denim in style, and she would often call herself the queen of denim. She loved it so much that are whole house was upholstered in denim, even the wallpaper was denim. As a result I too am obsessed with it, and although it isn't currently a strong material within my collection it will over the next few years take more prominence.


2. What is your favourite product from the AW15 collection? 

My favourite product is the Black Shard hoodie. I love the visual simplicity juxtaposed against the complexity of the contraction.


3. Do you have any advice for people who aspire to start their own fashion label?

Yes, I always say take your time, and don't just love it live it. Creatives love to get their vision out there and show the world, but make sure you take you time and get it to the best it can be so when you do put it out there you fully believe in it. Then when I say live it, I mean it is 24/7, you cannot take your eye of the ball.


Q&A Oliver Proudlock - Regal Gentleman

4. What does being a gentleman, mean to you?

Always treating those around you with respect.


5. Who are your style & grooming icons?

My icons are Ralph Lauren, Johnny Depp and Pharrell Williams.


6. Where do you get style & grooming inspiration from? 

From all kinds of channels - film, music, certain individuals, and movements/trends.


Q&A Oliver Proudlock - Regal Gentleman

7. Do you have any bad grooming habits? 

Ha, none that come to mind.


8. What is the one grooming product you couldn't live without?

Coconut oil. I use it as a moisturiser.


9. What is next for Serge DeNimes? 

We are now developing the collection, and for SS16 it will double in size, and we will be introducing a wide range of new products. I have just returned from the new factory, and am so excited to show everyone what next to come. Then in terms of the brand awareness, we are now looking to create a wholesale presence outside of the UK, focusing on the States, Australia, and Asia. 


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