5 Questions To Ask Your Barber For A Better Haircut

Most of us, as men, get in the barber chair and then just deal with what we get. We ask for more general requests like a number 2 on back & sides, with a little off the top. But, this may not always be the best way to communicate with our barber's. The barber could often give you a better cut and make your life easier in the long term, if there was more communication. So here's 5 questions to ask your barber when you're in the chair..

5 Questions To Ask Your Barber For A Better Haircut

1. Ask your barber to take a picture

We've all been there - you get the perfect haircut, only to go back and your new cut just doesn't feel the same than your perfect cut 3 weeks earlier. The most sure fire way to guarantee that you get the same haircut again is to get a picture or video of the cut after you're done. Your barber isn't always going to remember exactly what they did to your hair, even if you're a regular, so don't take that chance!

Previously this may have been a weird thing to ask your barber to do, but now with Instagram, most barbers are taking pictures of their cuts anyway. So just ask at the end of the cut if your barber will take a clear picture for you and then keep this on your phone for next time. Or if you forget or really don't want to ask, then just take a quick selfie when you get home.

2. Can the haircut I want be done with my hair?

Possibly the biggest question to ask is can what I want be done with my hair? We all look at cuts on celebrities, on Instagram and in magazines, and think I'd like that for my next cut, but can what we want even done with our hair?

Most barbers will go through a consultation with you, and be honest with you if they don't think what you want can be done or even suit you. But, if they don't then make sure you ask the question, can this be done?

Maybe your hair is too thin, too thick, not long enough - there are plenty of reasons as to why your hair would not look the same as a picture, so consult with your barber before. Maybe what you want means you need to grow your hair out for a while, or maybe it is just never going to suit you. It's better to know before you go through with it. After all the barber is the expert so be sure to ask them!

3. Which product are you using?

Something that most of us have probably done - you get a haircut and then go home, style your hair and it doesn't look the same. Why not? Are you doing something wrong? More often that not, it's because you're using the wrong product. Maybe you're using your trusted clay, when what you need is a good old pomade. Not all products will do the same job! So if you like the way your hair looks when you get out of the barber chair, be sure to ask what product your barber used and for some alternatives.

4. Is this a quick & easy restyle?

Not all of us have half hour to spend on our hair in the morning, so make sure that you ask your barber how long this will take to restyle.

If you're that gentleman who has 10 mins to get ready in the morning, then this is a big one for you. You need a hairstyle which suits your lifestyle, so make your barber aware that you don't want to have to do any complicated routines in the morning. This will put an emphasis on styles which will sit right without the need for as much product or for long blow drying routines.

5. Can you take more off the top?

Never be afraid to ask your barber to take more off. Just because they have seemingly finished the cut, doesn't mean that you can't go shorter with your hair. At the end of the day, the barber's priority is that you come out happy with your cut, and that it lasts you a while. So if it still looks too long on top on the end, then just ask politely if you can have a bit more off the top!