6 Men's Hair Myths Debunked

Having thick hair means I'll never go bald. Wearing a hat regularly will make me lose my hair. These are true, right? Or maybe they're not. Don't fall foul to some of the most common (and untrue) men's hair myths.

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1. The more you cut your hair, the faster it grows

I can't get a haircut every 2 weeks or my hair will grow back faster. I can't shave my eyebrows, they'll grow back quicker. If I trim my beard it'll grow back thicker and fuller. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Your hair grows from the roots and therefore no matter how much you cut your hair down it will never affect the roots inside your scalp. Your hair does not know how short or long it is, so it will never grow back quicker than it would have previously. If it does it is just pure coincience, maybe it's your hormones or maybe you've just got older. This is all down to genetics, so you can blame your fast hair growth on your ancestors.

2. You need to shampoo your hair every day

You have to shampoo your hair every day to keep it clean, right? Wrong! In fact you could actually be causing more harm than good by soaping up your hair follicles every single day. Over-shampooing your hair can strip your hair of natural oils that keep the hair healthy. So try to limit your shampooing to 2-3 times a week if you can. Look for when your hair gets greasy, this is a sign that your hair needs to be given a thorough clean. Otherwise stick to just plain old water before bed to get product out of your hair.

3. Having thick hair means that you won't lose your hair

If you have really thick hair it means you'll never lose your hair, doesn't it? It may seem that way, but this is actually not true. All it means is that by having thick hair, you will probably have longer to hide it. Thin hair means that there isn't as much coverage on your head to hide the signs of baldness, but with thick hair you can. Once again hair loss is mostly down to genetics, so you may survive your whole life with a full thin head of hair or you may go bald at 25 with thick hair, it's all luck of the draw.

4. Baldness comes from your mum's dad

If you're like me and your mum's father was bald, then this one may have been getting you worried. But, it is simply not true! There is no evidence to suggest that baldness comes from anyone specific in your family, let alone your mum's dad, it is a combination of genes.

5. Wearing a hat regularly will cause hair loss

Now if we go back to the era that the Peaky Blinders depicted, the 20's, 30's, 40's, almost every man of this generation would wear a hat regularly. Did they all go bald? No. Once again there is no evidence to suggest that simply wearing a hat regularly will make you go bald! However, if your hat is extra tight on your head then this can contribute, so just get yourself a hat that fits and everything will be fine!

6. Towel drying is better than blow drying your hair

A controversial one as this is all relative to how you do it. But is towel drying your hair always better for your hair than blow drying? Simply, the way the majority of men do it, probably not. Most men get out of the shower and give their head a good hard rub with the towel, but this is terrible for your hair. Rubbing your hair will tugs at the roots and could cause hair loss. When using a towel you need to pat your head dry softly to avoid this!