The Best Haircuts For Men With Thin Hair Or Receding Hairlines

It's estimated that by the age of 50 more than three quarters of men will have thinning or receding hair, and many of those men start to thin earlier, so you're certainly not alone. And while it may not feel ideal to have thinning hair, it's the hand that's been dealt, so it's time to accept it!

You may be at the stage where you feel like taking the clippers straight to it and just getting rid, but hold up as there are still a lot of hairstyles out there for you; it may just mean adapting slightly!

Advice For Men With Thinning Hair & Receding Hairlines

The main drawback with thin hair is that it's often difficult to gain volume and add bulk. This can leave your hair looking very sparse in certain areas, and lacking in life.

There are a few rules of thumb for you when choosing a haircut though, that can deflect attention away from thinning hair, such as -

  • Taking the sides shorter
  • Going for messier hairstyles versus slicked sharp haircuts
  • Growing a beard or stubble
  • Using matte finish styling products

These all work as diversionary tactics that showcase other areas of the hair or face, and add the impression of more hair on the head.

While DNA has the biggest impact on how thick or thin your hair is, you should also try to make the most of the hair that you do have left by adding moisture to the hair and living an all round healthier lifestyle.

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The Best Hairstyles For Men With Thin Hair To Make It Look Thicker

Short Back And Sides Haircut For Thin Hair

The short back and sides is a classic hairstyle that suits any man. But for men with thinning hair it has even more of a draw, as the best way to hide thinning in the front  is to take the sides shorter; this draws attention away from the thinning top and takes the direction of the eyes to the short sides. Look towards a fade on the back and sides, for a modern hairstyle for 2018.

Use a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay, to style the short back and sides. You want something that gives a natural look, adds texture and doesn't weigh the hair down.

High And Tight Haircut For Thin Hair

The Military classic, the high and tight, is great for men with thinning hair. It takes the sides ultra short and leaves just a little bit of length on top, giving you enough to play with and enough to give the illusion of more hair on the head. If your hair is thinning towards the back then you want to keep the crown area short, so that's it's "tight" in the area that your hair is thinning.

If your hair is thinning towards the front then texture is going to be even more important for you to give it a messier look, so make sure to get your barber to add texture throughout.

To style the high and tight use a tiny bit of a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay, and try not to give the hair too much direction.

Buzz Cut / Shaved Haircut For Thin Hair

If you're fed up of trying to style your thinning hair, and you're brave enough, then the best thing for you to do might be to just shave it off. The buzz cut is back in 2018 with more and more gents taking the plunge for a short and easy style that's easy to maintain.

Go for a short fade (anywhere from skin to a #2) on the back and sides and leave a tiny bit of length on top for a modern version on the buzz cut.

Just because this is a low-maintenance cut it doesn't mean that you should ignore your hair completely though, make sure to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned and give it the best chance of maintaining it's current level of thickness.

Texture All Over Haircut For Thin Hair

The worst thing that you can do with thinning hair is look towards smart, slick styles for your hairstyle of choice, and this is where textured haircuts come in. Textured hairstyles are great for making the hair look less structured and messier, meaning that it's harder to tell that your hair is thinning than it would be if it was in an obvious slicked shape.

Pair with slighter shorter sides to compliment the haircut nicely; think people like Ryan Gosling and Daniel Craig. Ask your barber to add texture throughout, but make sure to avoid thinning scissors at all costs; the last thing you want is for your hair to be thinned out even more!

To style the textured haircut use a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay. With textured hairstyles and thin hair you want to avoid weighing the hair down with anything too heavy and want a product with a natural finish.

Swept Back Hairstyle For Thin Hair

While we've said to avoid slicked and smarter hairstyles at all costs for thinning hair, this is mainly if you're thinning in the front of the hair. But if your hair is thinning in the crown area then the swept back hairstyle can actually work wonders for you. Just like the diversionary tactic of taking the sides shorter for thinning hair, a swept back hairstyle can take attention away from the thinning back and put focus on the front of the hair.

Essentially when you're thinning in the crown area, you want to avoid flat even length hairstyles, as this will show off the back of the hair.

To go for the swept back hairstyle ask your barber to leave plenty of length in the front and then take the hair gradually shorter going backwards towards the crown area. This will make your hair easier to style and also make your thinning crown much harder to notice. To style the swept back hairstyle use matte / low shine finish product like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste (coming soon). You don't want to go for a slick look with this haircut.

Beard For Men With Thin Hair

Just like the short back and sides, the beard is another great tool for deflecting attention away from thinning hair on top of the head. If you don't want to go for a full beard, then a little bit of stubble is good enough to give you that attention deflecting facial hair.

How To Style Your Hair When Thinning

Styling your hair when thinning is going to be about messing the hair up and not getting too much structure or style to the hair. By not having a clear direction it should deflect from the fact that your hair is thinning in certain areas.

Ultimately though if you're confident in the hairstyle you have then you should go for whatever you want. If you want to wear your hair slicked then do it, if you want to rock a certain hairstyle then go for it. As long as you're happy and confident in it then that's all that matters.  

Styling Products For Men With Thin Hair 

When choosing styling products for thinning hair you want to ideally make sure that whatever you choose is not wet or greasy, and doesn't weigh your hair down. That means avoiding gels and waxes at all costs, as these can often be too heavy for thinning hair. They will also add separation to the hair, which is the last thing you want.

For the most part you also want to avoid products that give you a high shine and slicked look and look towards natural finish products that say "matte". This will give the hair a thicker appearance. Use matte finish products like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay or matte pastes for the best finish possible for thinning hair.

It's also a good idea when thinning to use a pre-styler like a salt spray (Regal Gentleman Salt Spray coming soon) or thickening tonic, these will help to add a natural thickness to the hair before applying any styling product.

See how to style thin hair in the video below. Pre-styling starts at 8:18, Styling convo starts at 9:09 (the video should start at the styling for you).


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