How To Get The Chris Hemsworth Extraction Haircut

The Chris Hemsworth haircut in Extraction has proved to be extremely popular. Since the most recent series of Peaky Blinders ended, it's been the hairstyle that we've seen requested the most from you guys. So we knew that we had to find a way to do give you a tutorial of this haircut from lockdown. Here's how to get the Chris Hemsworth Extraction haircut...

Chris Hemsworth Extraction Haircut

What is the Chris Hemsworth Extraction Haircut?

Chris Hemsworth's haircut in Extraction is a high and tight with lots of length left in the fringe getting shorter towards the crown.

How to ask your barber for the Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle?

As with any haircut it's always best to show your barber a picture of the haircut you want, this will avoid any confusion. This style isn't the easiest to explain as it's not your typical "military high and tight".

But for your reference, Hemsworth's is somewhere between a #1.5 and 2 in length on the back and sides, taken high and tight. He has pretty light hair so it may look shorter than it actually is. With darker hair, you may need to go a little shorter to get the same effect!

Chris Hemsworth Extraction Haircut

The two most important parts of this haircut are 1) leaving more length in the fringe with a slight disconnection, with the hair getting gradually shorter towards the crown 2) the heavy blend on the back and sides with texture in the top of the sides. In our video below we used a #2, but really you can go with any length you like. This hairstyle will work great on straighter hair.

How To Style the Chris Hemsworth Extraction Haircut?

To style use a Styling Paste just like the Regal Gentleman Paste (coming soon). Hemsworth's hair in the movie looks like it's been sprayed with just water, but you can style with a low hold styling product to give a great look to this haircut.