How To Cut Men's Hair At Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

During Coronavirus we've had hundreds of messages and comments from people who are cutting hair at home during the lockdown.

The majority of the comments come from people cutting hair for the very first time.

How To Cut Men's Hair At Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

For those of you that don't know, we put out haircut tutorials with Dan Gregory (voted one of the best barbers in London by GQ), on YouTube, with over 10 million views on our channel.

We wanted to help you by providing you with 3 of our favourite videos for people who want to learn to cut hair at home during Coronavirus here they are.

Classic Scissor Cut Men's Haircut

This video has blown up during Coronavirus with over 600k new views since the start of lockdown. It seems to be helping a lot of you with cutting hair at home in this time, and we really appreciate it! Dan shows how you can cut a classic scissor cut men's haircut. You can do this with scissors, a comb and a smaller clipper.

How To Cut Men's Hair

If you're watching the video above, then we'd recommend watching this one. This is the full video tutorial showing you how to cut men's hair in full with very few cuts. In this video you'll see a full haircut that you can try and follow along with.

Barber Helps Amateur Through Cutting Hair During Coronavirus Lockdown

After watching our classic scissor cut video, as so many of you have, Sonali got in touch to see whether we could help her cut hair at home. Dan talked through the start of a haircut with her and helped to limit some classic mistakes that people will make when cutting hair for the first time.