Classic Pompadour Haircut With A Fade

The pompadour is a classic haircut that can be traced back as early as 1680, but it was perhaps it's revival in the 1950s and 60s, especially on certain style icons like James Dean and Elvis Presley that made this hairstyle what it is today.

There isn't a much more iconic style than the pompadour and it can still look as good today as it did back then.

When merged with the modern day fade, the pomadour can be one of the most eye-catching styles out there. Here's how to get your very own pompadour fade haircut.

Pompadour Fade Haircut

How To Ask For The Pompadour Fade

The pompadour fade is a classic barber haircut, with a modern twist. Most barbers should know what you mean by a classic pompadour, but we'd always advise to take a few pictures with you for inspiration.

To get the pompadour fade you want to ask your barber to add plenty height and length in the fringe, and then take the hair shorter through the rest of the top towards the crown.

You want also want a little bit of length left in the corners (where the sides meet the top) to allow for the hair to be swept back in these areas, but still kept nice and tight so that it blends into the fade.

In terms of the sides, opt for whichever length you like. The below haircut is a number 1, dropped towards the back of the head. This a good length as it doesn't take the hair too harsh, while still keeping an element of the classic look.

You can also add a taper on the neck and around the sideburn for a clean, sharp look. Have this taken down to a 0 or a 0.5 (as below).

Classic Pompadour Haircut

How To Style A Classic Pomadour Haircut

You'll want to spray a salt spray into damp hair as a base product, to add texture and volume. Then get your blow dryer to hand. The blow dryer is one of the most underused men's tools, but is an essential if you want to get most hairstyles easily.

Start by using the blow dryer and a round brush to create the round shape through the back, you're not touching the fringe yet, and then once you get all that dry and in shape switch to a flat vent brush and use this to get height and looseness in the fringe.

Finish with a classic pomade like the Reuzel Green Pomade* (just like the style here). Typically, this would have been styled with an oil based pomade just like the Reuzel Green, but if you do want something easier to wash out you can use a water based pomade instead.

Pompadour Fade

Classic Pompadour Fade Haircut Video

To see the full classic pompadour haircut from our most recent video watch below, if you want to see just the styling start from 22:05.

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