The Best Short Fringe Haircuts For Men

Most men's hairstyles are pushed up and over, but the fringe can add an element of style for men looking to switch up their hairstyle.

Fringes can disguise a large forehead, shorten longer face shapes and even hide a receding hairline, and with so many different variations of the fringe, with varying textures, shapes and lengths, there's one out there for most men.

The most important part of a fringe haircut though is to have it tailored to you. You want to work with your hair type and face shape, to create something that works for you and your hair.

So if you're looking to switch up your hairstyle, here's our favourite short fringe haircuts for men:

The Best Short Men's Fringe Haircuts

Fringe Haircuts Men

1. Straight Textured Fringe Haircut

The straight textured fringe is the perfect casual haircut, and that has made it very popular at most Fashion Week's around the world right now.

For this haircut you want to have the hair kept longer in the fringe, with it shorter towards crown.

Get your barber to use techniques such as slide cutting and a razor to add lots of texture and movement to the hair. Ask them for a heavy blend, so that the hair is blended in but you still see texture in the blend. It works great as it means you really see the contrast in length between the top and the sides.

This haircut looks good paired with a short back and sides, around a number 1, kept high and tight.

2. Textured Crop Blunt Fringe

The textured crop has become a modern day classic, with loads of men opting for a variation on this very style.

Work with your barber to find a point of reference for the fringe that works best with your face shape and hairline.

Get them to add loads of movement and texture, with not much height or volume. The textured crop fringe should be worn flatter, letting the movement of the hair do all the work.

This style looks great paired with a low or mid skin fade.

3. The "Thomas Shelby" Fringe Haircut

This fringe style has become synonymous with the leader of the Peaky Blinders.

If you want to wear it similar to Tommy Shelby then rock a very harsh disconnection on the back and sides with the top left very heavy through the fringe.

Most guys will probably not want to go as harsh with the back and sides though as that style is meant to look DIY, so if it's not for you then this haircut can easily be paired with a low fade on the back and sides with lots of texture added through the top.

This is an iconic haircut that most barbers will have some idea on how to do a variation of.

4. Messy Wavy Fringe

The messy wavy fringe is a versatile haircut that can be worn up, down or across. It works great for men that want to wear a fringe style, but don't want it every day, and still want to have the ability to push the hair back some days.

The haircut works well with curly or wavy hair, or hair with lots of natural texture already.

Ask your barber to keep the haircut top heavy, and have the back and sides "connected but disconnected" with a blended undercut (explained in the video). This means that the hair can be worn clean or messy, for you to mix it up depending on your mood.

Don't go for anything too harsh on the back and sides with this one, and try to keep some length, or go very low with any skin fades you may have.

The top should be noticeably longer than the back and sides, with lots of texture added through, for a top heavy look.

5. Caesar Cut

The haircut sees it's roots with Roman statesman and general Julius Caesar with the haircut being supposedly worn to hide a thinning top and receding hairline. In modern times, it was made popular by George Clooney in the 90s.

The caesar cut is a neat and smart fringe haircut that be worn with anything from straight to wavy hair, and from thin to thick hair.

The classic caesar cut is a short haircut with an even length on the top, back and sides. The fringe is typically seen worn with an uneven natural look, but at the same time it has a tidy, almost uniform look to the haircut.

You can go down to almost any length you like, with a modern variation of the haircut including a high skin fade. As well as the fade you can bring it up to date by adding more texture to the top to give it that messy with style look.

How To Style Men's Short Fringe Haircuts

Fringe haircuts are normally best worn with a natural look, and nothing too greasy or shiny.

You want to wear the hair messier while bringing out texture with lots of movement. This will stop the hair from looking too flat and limp against your head, to avoid the emo style hair that we've all probably tried to grow out.

As used on all of the style's above, we'd recommend using the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to finish, as it's a great product for adding texture to the hair and leaving a natural matte finish, making it the perfect product for styling fringe hairstyles.