Helping Without Expectation - Joshua Coombes

We wanted to bring you to a new feature, Helping Without Expectation. Our mission is to help without expectation & make some friends along the way, so we want to give special mentions to people doing just that!

Our first special mention is for a true gentleman that you may have seen on our Instagram or Facebook, Joshua Coombes.

Joshua gives hair cuts to the homeless for free. He is a part of a movement called Do Something For Nothing, that's main goal is as you may have guessed to do something for nothing.

We love Joshua's work, and with more people in the world like Joshua, it truly would be a better place. From it's humble beginnings, only last year, the movement has already been featured in major news outlets such as Huffington Post and Mashable.

Here's what Josh had to say when we caught up with him..


Joshua Coombes | Do Something For Nothing | Help Without Expectation 

"Do Something for Nothing is a movement born from the idea that we are all able to do something for someone; for nothing."


Who are Do Something For Nothing?


The movement was born when I started to give hair cuts out for free in my evenings off, and used the #DoSomethingForNothing. I wanted to create a hashtag that was accessible for everyone and not just about giving hair cuts for the homeless, but spreading the message of doing something for nothing.

That's when I met Matt Spracklen, a photographer who began to take pictures of the movement in action, which really elevated things for the movement when we started to get these amazing photos.

I was then in touch with Dave Burt, the founder of the @London Instagram channel. He was a big help to the movement with his social media experience, and started to arrange meet ups etc..


Joshua Coombes | Do Something For Nothing | Help Without Expectation

When do you do this? Spare time?


I tried to create something that you can sneak into your normal week. The ethos of do something for nothing is that this is not a charity, it's a movement and you can make these small acts a part of your normal week. It doesn't have to be something that needs to make huge changes to the way you go about your normal life.

I have my hairdressing during the week, which I do privately now, I used to be in a salon. But, I always have my stuff in my backpack, and if I see someone I'll do it!


Joshua Coombes | Do Something For Nothing | Help Without Expectation

Is there a reason for choosing to do something for homelessness?


I would always speak to people in the street anyway, and felt connected. I wanted to do it for people who are more "invisible" in society. But, if you want to do something, it doesn't have to be for homeless, just do something for someone that you feel needs it.


Joshua Coombes | Do Something For Nothing | Help Without Expectation

What advice would you give someone who wants to Do Something For Nothing?


Check the #DoSomethingForNothing on Instagram for inspiration, and see if there's something there that inspires you to get involved. Sometimes, there is a lot of red tape and bullshit when getting involved with charitable causes. We've created a movement where there are no hurdles to get involved, so that you can just make it a part of your normal day. Just help a brother out!

It can be something so small, get to know someone, have a chat, or if you go to buy a coffee buy someone else one. Try to make a difference today!


 Joshua Coombes | Do Something For Nothing | Help Without Expectation

Get involved!


Thank you to Joshua, we appreciate your time and must say was great to hear more about this amazing movement from such a nice gentleman!

We join #DoSomethingForNothing in encouraging you to inspire others and do something for nothing. However small it is, just try to do something for someone for nothing.

Helping the homeless is a great cause, and something very close to our hearts too, but it doesn't have to be for the homeless. It can be for anyone or anything. Try to help in any way you can or just help someone close to you.

We challenge you to Do Something For Nothing this week. Tag us in your pictures so we can see what you do and make sure you #DoSomethingForNothing to join this amazing movement.