How To Get Your Beard Well Groomed Like Conor McGregor's

How To Get Your Beard Like Conor McGregor's

He did it, and what a fight it was! Full credit to both men!

McGregor may have been beaten in the octagon last time, but he proved last night what a great champion he is to come back from defeat. And to top it off, the man is also a style and grooming icon with a great manly mane.

So we're going to look at how to take care of your beard to get it into shape, but before we look at taking care of your beard, the first question is how do you grow a beard like McGregor?

The answer..

YOU DON'T. If you're growing your beard, there's no way to make your beard grow like someone else's. It's unique to you, and it will grow how YOUR beard grows.

So if you do want to grow your beard out longer than it is, or fuller than it is but are becoming disappointed with the results, just be patient and keep growing!

Of course, although you may not be able to make your beard grow like his, you can style and care for your beard like McGregor's or any other beard icons you may have. As well as the most important of just being patient, there are certain things you can do to get yourself a more lustrous manly mane.

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Trim your beard into shape

If you have 20 minutes to spare, watch the video below, our friend Lex, shows you how to trim your beard into shape at home, and how to care for it. However, if you're not confident trimming your beard yourself, then we'd suggest you visit a barber regularly. You're always better to visit a professional, rather than try to do it yourself if you don't feel confident.

Eat healthy & exercise

It may sound obvious, but eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise will not just make you healthier, but it can also help your beard to grow. A balanced diet and getting plenty of vitamins, helps your hair to grow thicker and healthier. Don't get us wrong, this will not make your beard go from zero to McGregor in 1 day, but it can help to aid your hair growth.

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Groom your manly mane

When growing your beard, it's always best to look after it in the best way you can. There are a number of products out there to help you maintain a lustrous mane, so we'll try to help you find the best ones for you, as you may be thinking what the hell is beard oil?

Beard oil - Beard oil helps to replenish the oils in the beard and will moisturise and nourish both beard and the skin underneath. Beard oil is perfect for dry, itchy beards.

Beard shampoo/wash - A pretty obvious one, but beard shampoo cleanses the beard, leaving the beard feeling soft and clean after washing.

Beard balm - Beard balm acts like a conditioner does for the hair. It helps to prevent and repair split ends, and acts as a conditioning treatment. Perfect for if you have split ends.

Moustache wax - If you have plenty of length in your 'tache and are looking for a bit of curl, then moustache wax acts as a styling product for the moustache.