How To Grow Out An Undercut For Men

We've all looked at undercut haircuts like Brad Pitt's in Fury or the Peaky Blinders styles and thought how cool it would be to have that haircut, but did you know that once you have them they can be a nightmare to grow out?

While they look fresh and clean when you regularly visit your barber for this style, the severe disconnection of an undercut means that switching up to a new style can take a lot longer than it normally would if you decide that the undercut is no longer for you. So it's important to be aware of this before jumping into a severely disconnected undercut, if it's not something that you want to commit to for the long haul.

However there are a few tips you can follow to have the best chance of getting a fresh new style after deciding you want to leave the undercut behind.

How To Grow Out An Undercut For Men

How To Grow Out An Undercut

1. Take longer than your normal haircut time

As we mentioned, growing out an undercut will likely take longer than when trying to switch up your style after a connected style like a fade.

The amount of time it will take will vary dependent on how harsh and extreme the undercut is and the length of your hair. But, a good rule of thumb is to go double your normal amount of time for a haircut.

If it would normally take you 4 weeks then go to visit your barber 8 weeks after to give the hair some more length to play with and blend in. You still may not be able to get the exact style you want, but this will just ensure that there is some more length.

2. The hair at the top of the sides is the most important

The hair at the top of the sides is often the part that looks weird as an undercut grows out and there's a good reason for this. This area of the hair, above the round of the head, is the main area for barbers to blend the sides into the top.

When an undercut grows out, you will notice this area a lot more as it's not blended and will start to become thicker and heavier, and not be hidden as much by the top of the hair as it was when it was shorter.

As Dan always says in our videos, "if you can get the hair through your fingers then you can connect it." What this means is that if you can connect that part then you can get some sort of connected style, as it allows the barber to blend the sides into the top.

It may not be the style you want yet, but you'll be able to get rid of the undercut and go for something slightly different.

3. Be realistic

Now for some slightly more generic advice, but probably the most important. If you want to grow from having a long style on top with a high grade on the back and sides, to medium length all over then you're not going to be able to do this quickly. This is going to probably take you 6-12 months of not getting the shortest part of your hair cut to really start to see results.

So it's important to be realistic with what you've got, and be aware that having that undercut may hinder your chances of going for the style you want for a while.

That doesn't mean you have to just stick with it though, it may just mean going for something in between for your next few haircuts and working longer term to get what you want.

4. Communicate with your barber

Unlike just going for your normal haircut every few weeks, growing out an undercut will be a long term project that may take a few trips to the barber over a long period of time (unless you want to shave it off).

So you'll need to make sure you're working with your barber over the course of more than 1 haircut and sometimes even 3,4,5,6 haircuts, depending on what you have and what you want, to start to achieve your desired hairstyle.

Especially if you want something that's more of a medium even length all over and are growing out from something really short at the top of the sides.

Now for an idea on the styles you can go for and how long it will take to get them.

Which Styles Can You Get When Growing Out An Undercut?

You really have 3 basic options when growing out from a disconnected undercut -

1) Buzz it off. The most extreme solution, but one that will solve the undercut problem almost immediately.

This won't be for a lot of guys though, as this will be far too short, but is a quick fix if you're just fed up of needing to grow it out and have no patience.

2) Take it shorter. This will likely be the option of choice for the majority of men after deciding to switch up from a disconnected undercut. Like we say all you'll need at the top of the sides is finger length and your barber should be able to do something with this, depending on how even the cut is.

This will likely take you anywhere between 1-3 months to really get something you want, which isn't a huge amount of time to go without the haircut you desire. This could mean going for something like an ivy league haircut, a crop or a simple short back and sides textured haircut with a fade.

3) Grow it. The best way to be sure to get what you want is just to let it grow. But this will take a lot of patience, and will likely mean a severe awkward phase which isn't for everyone. The thing with harsh undercut haircuts is they're not cut in a natural way for the hair to grow out well into another style, so these will not grow out into any element of style.

But growing out the hair is beneficial if you do want to grow from an undercut to say a medium length or longer style as you'll have more to play with. It may mean 6-12 months of really not liking your style though, and visiting your barber every now and again for a tidy up without taking too much length off.

Watch the video below to see how to grow out from a disconnected undercut.