How To Get The Olly Murs Haircut

There was controversy at the end of last year when Olly Murs pretended that he'd shaved off his hair, and like everyone else we're glad he didn't as the Olly Murs quiff is an iconic look for him that we can't see disappearing anytime soon.

So how do you get the Olly Murs haircut and how do you style the hairstyle?

How To Get The Olly Murs Hairstyle


What Is The Olly Murs Haircut

The classic Olly Murs haircut is a quiff with a natural side parting and a low fade on the back and sides.

How To Ask Your Barber For The Olly Murs Haircut

To get the Olly Murs haircut you want to ask your barber for a quiff haircut with a fade on the back and sides. You'll want to leave more length in the fringe, around 4 inches, and get shorter towards the crown. This is then parted to the side, so get your barber to add a parting at your natural part line. You don't need to have 4 inches on top though, the quiff can work for any length, especially with texture added through for shorter styles.

On the back and sides go for a low 0.5 or 1 fade. Olly Murs wears this with a natural, soft look and never goes for anything too harsh like a high skin fade.

Styling The Olly Murs Hairstyle

When styling the Olly Murs haircut, it's going to be all about using the blow dryer to get the height in the quiff. You want to use a blowdryer on a medium speed and medium heat and a round brush to add height into the fringe. Use your fingers through the back and blow dry the fringe up using the round brush to get more height. You can also use a salt spray in damp hair, which will help to add volume and hold.

Product To Use To Style Olly Murs Haircut

To style the Olly Murs haircut you want to use a product that adds texture and volume to the hair with a natural finish. Use a product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay to achieve the Olly Murs look.

We've also noticed that often Olly's hair is often held locked in place with hairspray (like the first image). So if you're looking to replicate this then get yourself a medium to strong hold hairspray with a low shine and use after your styling product. We prefer the look below which is a little more natural with more movement, but it will all come down to personal preference.

Olly Murs Hairstyle