How To Get The Macklemore Haircut

Macklemore is a man that always has a great hairstyle, whether it was his original thrift shop undercut or his newer short high and tight look. Macklemore's hairstyles often take a lot of inspiration from Miliary haircuts, and his newest haircut is no different.

So here's how to get the current Macklemore haircut and how you can style and ask your barber for it.


What is the Macklemore Haircut called?

The Macklemore haircut is a high and tight crew cut. It's at times taken down to almost buzz cut length, but for the most part Macklemore leaves a tiny bit of length on top to play with, with the back and sides taken down to skin. Macklemore also leaves more length in the front of the hair with it getting shorter towards the crown. 

What to ask your barber for to get the Macklemore Haircut?

Ask for a high and tight crew cut with a skin fade on the back and sides, and between half an inch to an inch left on top. If you want to replicate the Macklemore haircut then you want to have the back of the top of the hair shorter and the fringe area left slightly longer. 

This looks to have been scissor cut on top as oppose to buzzed and then had the back of the top blended with clipper over comb to give the front of the hair something to sit back on. Get your barber to add texture through the hair too, for a messier, choppy finish like Macklemore.

But if in doubt just show your barber clear pictures of the cut. It's by far the easiest way to get what you want and make sure you're on the same page!

Styling The Macklemore Hairstyle

You could easily get away with not styling this haircut at all, and just get up in the morning and go - that's the best thing about haircuts this length!

But if you do want to add a bit of style to it like Macklemore does then you should style with a tiny bit of a low shine product like the Regal Gentleman Texture Paste (coming soon - get exclusive access now). You will not need to use a lot of product at all for this style.


Source: @macklemore