How To Get Jason Momoa's Aquaman Hair & Beard Styles

I think we can agree, Jason Momoa has some of the best hair in Hollywood. The hair and beard style transform Aquaman into a god-like surfer superhero.

The long hair look is definitely not for everyone, but if you're thinking about growing out your locks, here's how to get the Jason Momoa Aquaman hair and beard styles. Plus some tips for growing out your hair too!

Jason Momoa Aquaman Hairstyle


What Is The Jason Momoa Aquaman Hairstyle?

Jason Momoa in Aquaman has a long wavy shoulder length hairstyle. He wears this with beach like curls, and also has "ombre" highlights. It's a typical surfer style long haircut.

How To Ask Your Barber For The Aquaman Haircut

To get this haircut, it's going to be all about length. You're probably going to need at least a year's growth depending on how fast your hair grows, which means a lot of patience! We'd recommend visiting your barber every time you think about cutting it off during the growing out process and getting a little trim and tidy up so that your style looks more intentional. This avoids having that real awkward phase in between. See our top tips for growing out your hair here.

Show your barber the picture of the end goal and this will help them to easily understand what you want from your hair in the end. Once you have the length just get your barber to remove weight and add shape to get it into a similar style to Jason Momoa. A lot of how it looks in the end will depend on your hair type and how thin or thick, and how straight or curly your hair is. If your hair is ultra thick and unruly, then there's a good chance your hair won't get the same shape as Momoa's but work with this and find something that suits your hair. You'll never know unless you grow it out!

Styling The Jason Momoa Aquaman Hairstyle

Jason Momoa's hair is naturally curly, so it probably doesn't take too much effort to get the waves that you see in his hair, if any at all.

But to get this style, your best friends are going to be a blow dryer and a sea salt spray. Salt spray helps to add beach like waves and texture to longer hair. So make sure to invest in a salt spray that adds plenty of texture and gives a slight hold, like the Regal Gentleman Salt Spray (get first access now).

Add a diffuser to your blow dryer to give you an air dried effect with slower blasts of heat, without the long wait of naturally air drying. This is especially great for curly and wavy hair as too much heat can make the hair frizzy.

How To Dye Your Hair Blonde Like Aquaman

The style of Jason Momoa's hair when dyed is typically called "ombre". It's when the hair is dark at the roots and then gets gradually lighter towards the ends of the hair. 

It's always best to consult a professional when thinking about dyeing your hair. You wouldn't want to damage your long locks, and when messing with products like bleach there's a good chance you could if you haven't done it before.

When dyeing your hair, and even more so when paired with longer hair, you'll want to make sure you put a lot of time into aftercare. Make sure to condition regularly and also use a hair treatment if your hair is in need of it.


How To Get The Jason Momoa Aquaman Beard Style


Jason Momoa has a very patchy beard in through the sides, but instead of growing this out and wearing a scraggly full beard or getting rid completely he works with it and takes the beard shorter in through this area.

He then wears a longer full goatee through the middle and into a slight point. This is a great style for men with a squarer face shape and can really define the face and jawline. Think people like Tom Hardy, who've also worn shorter variations of a similar beard style.

If you're looking for this from your barber then ask them to fade down the sides of the beard shorter and then keep the goatee area full. You also want to take all the hair from just below the neckline and keep this ultra clean to again define the face shape and avoid the awkward neck beard.

With Jason Momoa's moustache he wears this slightly longer and fuller into the beard, he then leaves the 'tache to grow over the lip. This will all be personal preference and may annoy a lot of gents, so you may want to take this a little tighter and have the moustache hair tidied up around the lip area.