How To Get The Richard Madden Haircut

Richard Madden is one of the rising stars of Hollywood, with his role as David Budd in the Bodyguard catapulting him into the limelight.

It's taken him so far that he's now one of the favourites to be the next Bond, so expect a lot more from him.

But besides his clear talent as an actor, one thing we can't help but notice is the fantastic hairstyle he's wearing right now.

So what is the Richard Madden haircut and how can you get it?

How To Get The Richard Madden Haircut


What is the Richard Madden haircut called?

The Richard Madden haircut is a textured quiff with a short back and sides. Madden has ultra curly hair, that is wavier in appearance when it's shorter, which adds to the effect of this style.

What to ask my barber for to get the Richard Madden haircut?

To ask your barber for the Richard Madden haircut, ask for around a number 4 on the back and sides. You could also have this scissor cut if you want a more personalised finish, or you could go the opposite way and go ultra short on the back and sides too. It will all be dependent on what you like, but to replicate the Madden cut you want around a #4 in length with nothing too harsh.

On top you want texture to be added through if you have straight hair, if you have wavy or curly hair then let the hair's natural texture work it's magic just like Richard Madden does!

What Is Richard Madden's Hair Colour

Probably our favourite thing about the Richard Madden hairstyle is the colour of his hair. The Bodyguard star's hair colour is a dark brown, but it's the grey strip that really stands out. It's a shame this appears to be dyed in a lot of his shows and movies, but we love the natural look of this! If you're wearing something similar then don't be afraid to keep it natural and not dye it. It looks great!

Styling the Richard Madden hairstyle

This style has the classic styled but unstyled look. It's meant to look like you've put some effort into it, but not be perfect, and works for all occasions. Get your hairdryer and blow dry the hair into place when wet, you want to mess up the back with your fingers and then when a little damp blow the fringe upwards. Use a brush to get the hair into place if you need to, but you don't want anything too perfect. This isn't a slicked pompadour for example, it's meant to look relatively messy.

Product To Use To Style The Richard Madden Haircut

To style the Richard Madden haircut we'd recommend using a matte finish product like the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay. You want something that really shows off the texture in the hair, with a natural finish and that gives a strong but still reworkable hold.