Where & Where Not To Apply Men's Fragrance

Recently we launched our first YouTube video, How to Choose & Apply Men's Fragrance. But we also wanted to summarise the key points into handy to read blog posts. The first one is where & where not to apply a men's fragrance (or men's aftershave as we so often call it - even though it's the wrong name most of the time!).

Unless you're well-versed in the art of fragrance, you're probably making several of these key mistakes every single day when applying your fragrance. I know we did!

Also, before we start we wanted to give a big thank you to Rob from Gruhme, for sitting down with us on some of his top tips.

So here's the best and worst places to apply your fragrance.


Where to apply your fragrance


The Lower Neck/Upper Chest

The more common area to apply the fragrance is the sides of the neck, but this can in fact cause a fragrance to wear too fast! The lower neck and upper chest can be the complete opposite, and carry the fragrance well.

The lower neck and upper chest are particularly good if wearing a shirt, as the movement of the shirt can 'waft' warm air up the collar. In turn, giving you and those moving in close proximity a pleasantly and lightly scented air. Also your spouse or partner will thank you for the longer lasting scent, as it will create a nice, comforting place for them to rest their head come the end of the evening!


Behind The Ears

A little behind the ears can also be a very good place to spray the fragrance, for the same reason that it carries the scent longer. And gents, it also smells good up close during those post-date hugs ;)


The Wrists

The best known perhaps but not as beneficial as the 2 mentioned above. It is still a good place to apply, but just not as rewarding as the lower neck and upper chest or behind the ears. 

Top tip - Make sure you do not rub the wrists together though, as you so often probably do! This is more of a cheat in the shops to get the skin warmer faster and sample the fragrance. But in fact when doing this in situations where you need the fragrance to last, it just crushes the 'notes' of the fragrance and makes for a less effective aroma.


Where not to apply your fragrance


Your Clothes

One of the biggest mistakes we make is applying fragrance to our clothes (don't worry we've done this too). Really this the only 100% definite place you should not be applying it. Spraying fragrance on clothing does not allow the scent to come through in the same way that it would on your skin. Always find a way to apply it to your skin!

It can also risk staining your clothes! That's the last thing you want before a night out to go out not smelling as great as you could, and also with stained clothes! So do not apply fragrance to your clothing!

Top tip - apply after a shower. It's when your skin is at its cleanest, and when the pores are most open. It also means that you won't be tempted to apply it to your clothing, and can hit those key areas of the lower neck and upper chest.


And here's our first YouTube video - give it a watch!!!