Pink Skin Fade Side Parting With Razored Line

Something a little unique for those of you that want to experiment with your hairstyle.

This is a skin fade side part haircut with a razored "surgical line". 

Get the cut

To get the cut you'll want to first get your barber to make sure your parting is taken at the natural parting at the round of the head (more detail on this in the video below). 

This will help with making styling easier for you, and also shape the face a lot better giving a square shape to the haircut.

On the back and sides get your barber to take it down to a skin fade (no hair left on the head). 

A skin fade works well with this haircut as you really showcase the contrast between colour, the line and the fade. 

Pink Dyed Skin Fade Side Part Haircut With Razored "Surgical Line"

Leave plenty of length through the top, so that you have enough to sweep the hair up and over.

Then if you're brave enough, get a "surgical line" shaved in. The line looks best dropped down from the front of the hairline through to the back, on the side where the parting is. 

Your barber will likely do this with clippers and then with a razor to emphasise it. You want to have the line thicker towards the front, and getting finer as it gets towards the back.

Show your barber these pictures

Skin Fade Side Part Haircut With Razored "Surgical Line"

The parting and line side of the haircut.

Skin Fade Side Part Haircut With Razored "Surgical Line"

The other side.

Styling the haircut

To style the skin fade side part haircut just simply follow the 6 easy steps below -

If you want to see the styling in action skip to 14:46 in the video at the bottom of the page.

Step 1

Use a hairdryer on a medium speed and medium heat, and a round brush to dry the hair into shape.

Step 2

Press the cool setting on the hairdryer to blast the hair cold. This helps to set the hair in place.

Step 3

Work a pea sized amount of the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay thoroughly into your hands.

Step 4

Start with the parting and separate the side from the top.

Step 5

Work the product through from back to front. Spreading evenly throughout the hair. 

Step 6

Use a comb and your fingers to shape as desired.

Skin Fade Side Part Haircut With Razored "Surgical Line"

Product You'll Need To Style

Regal Gentleman Matte Clay

Matte Clay - Regal Gentleman

Watch the video

You can the see the full haircut and styling using the Regal Gentleman Matte Clay with Dan Gregory below. 

Dan is a freelance barber based in London with over 1 million views on our YouTube channel, and was named GQ's best barber in London, along with Evening Standard's Best Gentlemen's Hairdresser.